Religion 12

  1. In the Hebrew Scriptures salvation signified God's power to ____ the Jews from their enimies
  2. In the Gospels Jesus is referred to as ____ only ___ but in __________ and ___________ Jesus is referred to as ____ a total of __ times
    savior, once, Saint Paul's Letters, Acts of the Apostles, savior, 21
  3. Later Christian writers use the word ___ even more
  4. Jesus greatest healing action is seen as the _____+_____
    cross + ressurection
  5. Scribe's said that the devil or ____ possessed Jesus
  6. Jews saw this action as ____ and many of the Jews thought that Christ would threaten their own authority
  7. 3 elements that lead to Jesus' death
    • -raising of Lazarus
    • -the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (It is from this that we get the Sanctus or Holy, Holy, Holy at Mass)
    • -The Cleansing of the Temple
  8. Christ was speaking of His ____ when He said 'these things'
  9. The Paschal Mystery gets its name from '___' or in English, the Jewsih Passover
    the pasch
  10. All four Gospels link the Passover to the ____
    Last Supper
  11. At the third cup of the Passover Meal or as it is referred to '_____'
    the cup of blessing
  12. This Advocate was to guide them ____
    in truth
  13. Three Meanings of Jesus' words 'Blood of the Covenant'
    • Moses
    • Cross
    • Eucharist
  14. ____ is the last discourse of Jesus
    John 13
  15. _________ are identified as Jesus' closest friends
    Peter, James, and John
  16. Scripture scholars have linked the final cup to the cup of ___________
    Jesus' suffering
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