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  1. abate
    to reduce in amount/degree/severity
  2. abscond
    to leave secretly
  3. amalgamate
    to combine; to mix together
  4. ameliorate
    to make better; to improve
  5. anachronism
    something out of place in time
  6. antipathy
    extreme dislike
  7. ardor
    intense and passionate feeling
  8. assuage
    "to relieve
  9. attenuate
    to reduce in force or degree; to weaken
  10. audacious
    fearless and daring
  11. austere
    severe or stern in appearance; undecorated
  12. cacophony
  13. capricious
    changing one's mind quickly and often
  14. caustic
    biting in wit
  15. chicanery
    deception by means of craft or guile
  16. cogent
    convincing and well reasoned
  17. credulous
  18. decorum
    appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety
  19. deference
    respect; courtesy
  20. deride
    speak of with contempt
  21. desiccate
    to dry out thoroughly
  22. desultory
    jumping from one thing to another; disconnected
  23. diatribe
    "an abusive
  24. diffident
    lacking self-confidence
  25. dilatory
    intended to delay
  26. dilettante
    someone with an amateurish and superficial interest in a topic
  27. dirge
    a funeral hymn or mournful speech
  28. disabuse
    to set right; to free from error
  29. disparate
    fundamentally different
  30. dissemble
    "to present a false appearance
  31. dissonance
    a harge and disagreeable combination
  32. elegy
    a sorrowful poem or speech
  33. enervate
    to reduce in stength
  34. engender
    to cause or bring about
  35. enumerate
    to count
  36. ephemeral
    lasting a short time
  37. equivocate
    to use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead
  38. erudite
  39. esoteric
    known or understood by only a few
  40. eulogy
    speech of praise
  41. exculpate
    to clear from blame
  42. exigent
    urgent; requiring immediate action
  43. exonerate
    to clear of blame
  44. fawn
    to grovel
  45. fervid
    intensly emotional; feverish
  46. florid
    excessively decorated or embellished
  47. foment
    to arouse or incite
  48. garrulous
    tending to talk a lot
  49. gregarious
  50. guile
    deceit or trickery
  51. iconolast
    "one who opposes established beliefs
  52. imperturbable
    not capable of being disturbed
  53. impervious
    impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected
  54. impetuous
    quick to act without thinking
  55. implacable
    unable to be calmed down
  56. inchoate
    not fully formed; disorganized
  57. ingenuous
    showing innocence or childlike simplicity
  58. inimical
  59. innocuous
  60. insipid
    lacking interest or flavor
  61. intransigent
    uncompromising; refusing to be reconciled
  62. inundate
    to overwhelm; to cover with water
  63. irascible
    easily made angry
  64. laconic
    using few words
  65. laud
    to praise
  66. loquacious
  67. lucid
    clear and easily understood
  68. malinger
    to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill
  69. malleable
    capable of being shaped
  70. misanthrope
    a person who dislikes others
  71. mollify
    to calm or make less severe
  72. obdurate
    hardened in feeling; resistant to persuasion
  73. obsequious
    overly submissive; eager to please
  74. obviate
    to prevent; to make unnecessary
  75. occlude
    to stop up; prevent passage
  76. onerous
    troublesome and oppressive
  77. opprobrium
    public disgrace
  78. ostentation
    excessive showiness
  79. paragon
    model of excellence or perfection
  80. pedant
    someone who shows of learning
  81. perfidious
    willing to betray one's trust
  82. perfunctory
    done in a routine way; indifferent
  83. precipitate
    to throw violently or bring about abruptly; lacking deliberation
  84. prevaricate
    to lie or deviate from the truth
  85. prodigal
    lavish; wasteful
  86. proliferate
    to increase in number quickly
  87. quiescent
  88. rarefy
    to make thinner or sparser
  89. repudiate
    to reject the validity of
  90. reticent
  91. soporific
    causing sleep or lethargy
  92. specious
    deceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious
  93. stolid
    unemotional; lacking sensitivity
  94. tacit
    done without using words
  95. taciturn
  96. torpor
    extreme mental and physical sluggishness
  97. vacillate
    to sway physically; to be indecisive
  98. venerate
    to respect deeply
  99. veracity
    filled with truth and accuracy
  100. vex
    to annoy
  101. capitulate
    to give in
  102. acrimony
    bitter feelings
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