1. Paragraph
    two or more sentences which relate to a single topic. intented 5 spaces
  2. Topic sentence
    Ussually the first sentence presenting the main concept of the paragraph.
  3. Developmental (support) sentences
    Follow topic sentence to provide info about topic sentence.
  4. Four Elements of a well-written paragraph
    • Unity: paragraph relates to central idea
    • Thoroughness: when a writer has provided the reader with enough detail and explanation about the topic of paragraph
    • Organization: Order of ideas are presented in developmental sentences.
    • Transitional connectives: smooth flow from one written concept to another.
    • ex. time/process: after, before, since, during
  5. Transitional connectives for

    After, before, since, during, later, meanwhile, soon, while, earlier, next, finally, daily, monthly, then, now, in the past, simultaneously
  6. Transitional connectives for

    here, there, next to, before, beyond, in front, near by, opposite, under, above, adjacent, right, left, distant, farther, further.
  7. Transitional connectives for comparison/likeness
    similarly, likewise, by comparison, in a like  manner, much the same, akin to, alike
  8. Common transitional terms for contrast/difference
    but, however, on the other handm yet, other wise, nevertheless, or, still, conversely, on the contrary, by contrast, notwithstanding, although
  9. Transitional connectives for addition/alternative
    and, in addition, moreover, furthermore, next, another point, also, besides, too, again, in fact
  10. Transitional connectives for

    to illustrate, for example, to wit, as is, shown by, for instance
  11. Transitional connectives for restatement/intensification
    to repeat, for emphasis, again, as noted earlier, in other words, in short, to be specific, briefly
  12. Transitional connectives for

    Thus, therefore, consequently, so , hence, then, accordingly, as a result ,there upon, for the purpose of, with intent to.
  13. Transitional connectives for

    To conclude, finally, in summary, to sum up, overall, indeed, in closing
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