MT ch. 6

  1. blast/o
  2. chrom/o
  3. chormat/o
  4. chyl/o 
  5. cyt/o
  6. hemat/o
  7. hem/o
  8. immun/o
  9. lymph/o
    clear fluid
  10. morph/o
  11. myel/o
    bone marrow or spinal cord
  12. phag/o
  13. plas/o
  14. reticul/o
  15. splen/o
  16. thromb/o
  17. thym/o
    thymus gland
  18. plasma
    liquid part of the blood and lymph
  19. serum
    liquid part of blood after clotting 
  20. erthrocyte
  21. hemoglobin
    protein iron in rbc
  22. leukocyte 
  23. granulocytes
    leukocytes that have granules
  24. neutrophil
    granular leukocyte but it's neutral strain 
  25. polymorphonuclear leukocyte
    neutrophil aka many segments in nuke
  26. eosinophile
    granular leukocyte: rose color and increases in allergic
  27. basophil
    granular leukocyte: dark stain that brings anticoagulant to inflamed tissues
  28. agranulocytes
    leukocytes w/o granules 
  29. lymphocyte
    agranulocytic leukocyte thats active during immunity like tcells, b cells, and nk cells
  30. monocyte
    agranulocytic leukocyte that has phagocytosis to fight
  31. platelets 
    thrombocytes aka cell frag to clot
  32. thymus
    primary gland of lymphatic 
  33. spleen
    between stomach and diaphragm that filter aging blood cells
  34. lymph
    fluid that circulated thru lymph vessels
  35. lymph capillaries
    microscopic vessels that draw lymph from tissues to vessels
  36. lymph vessels
    from lymph capillaries and circulate
  37. lacteals
    specialized lymph vessels in SI that absorb fat into bloodstream
  38. chyle
    white substance in lymph that has fatty 
  39. lymph nodes
    filter lymph from vessels
  40. lymph ducts
    collecting channels that carry lymph from nodes to veins
  41. right lymphatic duct
    receives lymph from right upper
  42. thoracic duct
    receives lymph from left side
  43. immunity
    process of protection when exposed to antigen 
  44. antigen
    cause antibodies against it 
  45. antibody
    produced by body that destroys the antigen 
  46. active immunity
    long last immunity from body can make its own antibodies
  47. passive immunity
    short lasting immunity from foreign
  48. microcytosis
    small rbc
  49. macrocytosis
    large rbc
  50. anisocytosis
    rbc of unequal size
  51. poikilocytosis
    large irregularly rbc
  52. reticulocytosis
    more number of immature erythrocytes
  53. erythropenia
    abnormally reduced rbc
  54. lymphocytopenia
    abnormally reduced number lymphocytes
  55. neutropenia 
    less number of neutrophils
  56. pancytopenia
    abnormally reduced number of all cell components in blood
  57. thrombocytopenia
    abnormally reduced number of platelets
  58. hemolysis
    breakdown of rbc membrane 
  59. immunocompromised 
    impaired immunolgic defenses 
  60. immunosuppresion 
    impaired ability to create response
  61. lymphadenopathy 
    enlarged lymph nodes
  62. splenomegaly 
    enlargement of spleen
  63. aids
    by hiv that makes immune cells ineffective 
  64. anemia 
    less number of rbc or hemoglobin
  65. aplastic anemia
    normocytic-normochromic by failure of bone marrow to make rbc
  66. iron deficiency anemia
    mircocytic hypochromic by lack of iron>>lack of hemoglobin 
  67. pernicious anemia
    macrocytic normochromic by lack of vitamin B12
  68. autoimmune disease
    abnormal of immune system that cause antibodies to attack itself 
  69. erythroblastosis fetalis
    fetus with Rh-positive blood and mom with Rh-neg blood with rbc destruction in fetus 
  70. rh factor
    lack of antigens on the surface of rbc
  71. rh postive 
    antigens there
  72. rh negative 
    no antigens
  73. hemochromatosis
    lots of iron deposits
  74. hemophilia 
    bleeding disorders b/c of defect in clotting 
  75. leukemia
    disease of blood forming organs 
  76. myelodysplasia
    disorder with bone marrow by proliferation of abnormal stem cells 
  77. lymphoma 
    neoplastic disorder of lymph tissue 
  78. metastasis 
    cancer cells spread by blood 
  79. mononucleosis
    by Epstein-Barr virus and increase of mononuclear cells 
  80. polyceythemia
    more erythrocytes and hemoglobin
  81. septicemia
    systemic disease by infection microorganisms
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