MT ch. 5

  1. aort/o
  2. arteri/o
  3. ather/o
  4. atri/o
  5. coron/o
  6. my/o
  7. pector/o
  8. steth/o
  9. sphygm/o
  10. thromb/o
  11. ven/o
  12. phleb/o
  13. varic/o
    swollen vein 
  14. ventricul/o
  15. atrium
    upper chamber 
  16. endocardium
    membrane lining cavities
  17. epicardium
    membrane outer layer 
  18. interatrial septum
    between R and L atria
  19. interventricular septum
    between R and L ventricles
  20. myocardium 
    heart muscle
  21. pericardium
    protect sac of two layers of fluid 
  22. visceral peri
    layer closest 
  23. parietal peri
    outer layer
  24. pericardial cavity
    fluid-filled cavity btw pericardial 
  25. ventricle
    lower chamber
  26. heart valves
    open and close with the heartbeat for one way flow 
  27. aortic valve
    between left ventricle and aorta 
  28. mitral valve
    between left atrium and left ventricle 
  29. bicuspid valve 
    between left atrium and left ventricle
  30. pulmonary semilunar valve
    opening from the right ventricle to pulmonary artery 
  31. tricuspid valve
    between right atrium and right ventricle 
  32. valves of veins
    valves at intervals within the lining of veins 
  33. arteries 
    heart to arterioles
  34. aorta
    main trunk of arterial from left ventricle
  35. arterioles
    small vessel that receive form arteries 
  36. capillaries
    tiny join arterioles and venules
  37. venules
    vessel that gather capillaries into veins 
  38. veins
    to heart from venules
  39. aneurysm 
  40. saccular aneurysm 
    sac like bulge on one side 
  41. fusiform aneurysm
    spindle shaped
  42. dissecting aneurysm
    split of wall 
  43. angina pectoris 
    chest pain by loss of blood 
  44. arteriosclerosis 
    thickening and hardening of walls
  45. atheromatous plaque 
    swollen area of lining of artery
  46. cladication
    to limp
  47. constriction
  48. diaphoresis 
    profuse sweating 
  49. embolus 
    a clot 
  50. heart murmur
    abnormal sound 
  51. infarct
    to stuff/localized area of tissue death
  52. ischemia
    to hold back blood
  53. perfusion deficit
    lack of flow
  54. occlusion
  55. palpitation
  56. stenosis
    condition of narrowing of a part
  57. thrombus
    stationary blood clot
  58. vegetation
    to abnormally grow
  59. acute coronary syndrome
    signs and symptoms that process of atherosclerotic plaque buildup of thrombus/spasm of coronary artery 
  60. arrhythmia 
    irregularity of rhythm 
  61. dysrhythmia 
    irregularity of rhythm 
  62. bradycardia
    less than 60beats/min
  63. fibrillation
    irregular contraction 
  64. premature ventricular 
    ventricular contraction before normal impulse aided by pacemaker
  65. tachycardia
    greater 100beats/min
  66. bacterial endocarditis
    inflammation affects endocardium/valves
  67. cardiac tamponade
    compression b/c of lots fluid in the pericardial sac with causes vessel to rupture
  68. cardiomyopathy 
    disease of heart muscle
  69. congenital anomaly of heart
    malformations at birth 
  70. atrial septal defect
    opening septum that sep the atria 
  71. coarctation of aorta 
    narrow of descending portion of aorta 
  72. patent ductus arteriosus 
    abnormal opening between pulmonary artery and aorta b/c o failure of fetal ductus arteriosus to close after birth 
  73. ventricular septal defect
    open in the septum that sep the ventricles
  74. congestive heart failure
    failure of left ventricle to pump
  75. cor pulmonale
    enlargement of right ventricle>chronic lungs
  76. coronary artery disease
    reduces flow of blood and oxygen to myocardium 
  77. essential hypertension  
    high BP b/c of no cause 
  78. primary hypertension
    high BP b/c of no cause 
  79. secondary hypertension 
    HBP b/c of another disease
  80. mitral valve prolapse 
    protrusion of cusps of the mitral valve back to left atrium during ventricular contraction 
  81. myocardial infarction
    heart attack or death of myocardial tissue by ischemia aka loss of blood flow>occlusion of coronary artery 
  82. myocarditis 
    inflammation of myocardium 
  83. pericarditis
    inflammation of pericardium 
  84. rheumatic heart disease
     damage to heart muscle and valves by rheumatic fever 
  85. sudden cardiac arrest
    abrupt cessation of any output>ventricular fibrillation 
  86. deep vein thrombosis 
    form clot in deep vein of body 
  87. phlebitis
    inflammation of vein
  88. thrombophlebitis 
    inflammation of vein with clot formation 
  89. varicose veins 
    abnormally swollen veins with defective valves 
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