Female Reproductive System

  1. amenorrhea
    lack of monthly flow
  2. colposcope
    instrument used to examine the vagina and cervix by means of a magnifying lens
  3. contraception
    process of preventing conception
  4. dysmenorrhea
    difficult or painful monthly flow
  5. dyspareunia
    difficult or painful sexual intercourse
  6. fibroma
    fibrous tissue tumor
  7. genitalia
    male or female reproductive organs
  8. gynecologist
    physician who specializes in the study of the female
  9. gynecology
    study of the female
  10. hysterectomy
    surgical excision of the uterus
  11. hysterotomy
    incision into the uterus; c-section
  12. hysteroscope
    instrument used in the biopsy of the uterine tissue before 12 weeks of gestation
  13. lumpectomy
    surgical removal of a tumor from the breast
  14. mammoplasty
    surgical repair of the breast
  15. mastectomy
    surgical excision of the breast
  16. menarche
    begining of the monthly flow
  17. menopause
    cessation of the monthly flow
  18. menorrhagia
    heavy monthly flow
  19. menorrhea
    normal monthly flow
  20. mittelschmerz
    abdominal pain at the time of ovulation
  21. myometritis
    inflammation of the muscular wall of the uterus
  22. oligomenorrhea
    scanty monthly flow
  23. oogenesis
    formation of the ovum
  24. oophorectomy
    surgical excision of an ovary
  25. ovulation
    process in which an ovum is discharged from the cortex of the ovary
  26. perimenopause
    period of gradual changes that lead into menopause affecting a womens hormones, body and feeling
  27. postcoital
    pertaining to after sexual intercourse
  28. retroversion
    process of being turned backward such as displacement of the uterus with the cervix pointed forward
  29. salpingectomy
    surgical excision of the fallopian tube
  30. salpingitis
    inflammation of a fallopian tube
  31. vaginitis
    inflammation of the vagina
  32. veneral
    pertaining to or resulting from sexual intercourse
  33. endometriosis
    condition in which the endometrial tissue occurs in various sites in the abdominal or pelvic cavity
  34. pelvic infammatory disease
    infection of the upper genital area
  35. premenstrual syndrome
    condition that affects certain women and can cause ditressful symtoms
  36. toxic shock syndrome
    poisonous staphylococcus aureus infection that can strike young mentruating women
  37. uterine fibroid
    benign fibrous tumor of the uterus made up of muscle cells and other tissues that grow within the wall of the uterus
  38. AH
    abdominal hysterectomy
  39. GYN
  40. PMS
    premenstrual syndrome
  41. D&C
    dilation & curettage
  42. IUD
    intrauterine device
  43. PID
    pelvic inflammatory disease
  44. OTC
    over the counter
  45. HIV
    human immunodeficiency virus
  46. STDs
    sexually transmitted disease
  47. HRT
    hormone replacement therapy
  48. TSS
    toxic shock syndome
  49. contra-
    against, oppisite
  50. intra-
    with in
  51. peri-
  52. retro-
  53. cept
  54. colp/o
  55. genital
    belonging to birth
  56. mamm/o
  57. oophor
  58. salping/o
    tube, fallopian tube
  59. venere
    sexual intercourse
  60. -arche
  61. -genesis
    formation, produce
  62. -oid
    resemble, like, similar
  63. -rrhea
    flow, discharge
  64. -scope
    instrument for examining
  65. -tomy
  66. dys-
    bad, difficult, painful, abnormal
  67. oligo-
    little, scanty
  68. post-
    after, behind
  69. coit
    coming together
  70. gynec/o
  71. hyster/o
  72. men/o
    month, mensus, menstruation
  73. pause
  74. vagin
  75. -ectomy
    surgical excision
  76. -oma
    tumor, mass, fluid collection
  77. -plasty
    surgical repair
  78. -rrhagia
    to burst forth
  79. -scopy
    to view, examine
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