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  1. Commissioning
    The starting and operation of a PV system for the first time
  2. Delamination
    The seperation of the bonded layers of glass and/or plastic encasing the PV cells of a module
  3. Hydrometer
    An instrument used to measure the specific gravity of a liquid
  4. Battery Load Tester
    A test instrument that indicates battery health by drawing a high discharge current from a battery for a short period
  5. Maintenance Plan
    A checklist of all required regular maintenance tasks and their recommended intervals
  6. Monitoring
    The repeated measurement of electrical, environmental, or battery parameters at certain intervals
  7. Data Acquisition
    The recording and processing of data from a monitoring system
  8. Troubleshooting
    A systematic method of investigating the cause of system problems and determining the best solution
  9. Troubleshooting Level
    The depth of examination into the equipment or processes that compose a system
  10. Incentive
    A monetary inducement to invest in a certain type of capital improvement, such as an every generating system or energy-conservation measure
  11. Production Incentive
    A recurring payment program that provides project owners with cash payments based on electricity production
  12. Energy cost
    An expense related to the energy input of an electricity-generating system
  13. Discount Rate
    The rate at which the value of furture money is reduced to its present value
  14. Single Present Value Factor
    A multiplication factor for determining the present value of a single future cost for a given discount rate and period
  15. Recurring Present Value Factor
    A multiplication factor for determining the present value of an annually recurring cost for a given discount rate
  16. Annualized Cost
    A portion of the total life-cycle cost attributed equally to each year of operation
  17. Payback Period
    The amount of time required for the avoided costs from an alternate energy source to match the cost of the chosen energy-production system
  18. Payback Point
    The point at which the accumulated life-cycle cost of one system option matches the total life-cycle cost of the other system option
  19. Energy Payback
    The amount of time a PV system must operate to produce enough energy to offset the energy required to manufacture the PV system
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PV Ch 14/15
PV Ch 14/15