History Test

  1. What is an economic system based on private ownership of property?
  2. People against government?
  3. This was the fear of the spread of communism following WW1?
    Red Scare
  4. To expell foreigners/alliens from our country?
  5. Warren G. Harding's friends from Ohio?
    Ohio Gang
  6. The Sec. of Interior?
    Albert B. Fall
  7. First Governor-Wyoming
    Nellie Tayloe Ross
  8. First woman governor from Texas?
    Miriam Ferguson
  9. An economic downturn?
  10. The total value of goods and services produced in a year?
  11. The ammount of work each worker could do?
  12. When you hire experts to see how goods can be made faster and cheaper?
    Scientific management
  13. People buying stocks in a country they work for?
    Welfare Capitalism
  14. Paying a little down and so much per month to purchase something?
    Instalment Buying
  15. Introduced the assembly line?
    Henry Ford
  16. Name of Lindbergh's plane?
    Spirit of St. Louis
  17. Transporting illegal alcohol?
  18. A famous gangster?
    Al Capone
  19. Carefree young women who wore short skirts?
  20. First radio network?
  21. African American writer?
    Laungston Hughes
  22. Rebuilding African American community?
    Harlem Renaissance
  23. Wrote "The sun also rises" "For whom the bell tolls" ?
    • Ernest Hemingway
    • Also wrote "the old man of the sea"
  24. First to fly alone across the Atlantic?
    Charles Lindbergh
  25. This enforced the 18th Amendment?
    Volstead act
  26. This amendment gave women the right to vote? 1920
    19th Amendment
  27. What did the 21st Amendment do?
    It repeled the Prohibitation Amendment (18th)
  28. The first radio station in the U.S.
    KDKA, Pittsburgh
  29. Two new forms of music in the Roaring 20's?
    Jazz and Blues
  30. 1919 This made it so that alcohol couldn't be bought, made, or sold?
    18th Amendment/Prohibition Amendment
  31. ~Red Scare~
    The Red Scare was a period when the government when after "Reds." The "Reds" were what communists were called. The were afraid of the spread of communism following WW1. The also went after others that had radical views such as anarchists. The government deported many of the people they caught but some were realeased from lack of evidence. People eventully realized that the danger of revolution was exaggerated and the Red scare ended but the fear from it remained.
  32. ~Ohio Gang~
    The Ohio Gang was President Harding's friends. He oppointed them in government when he became president. Harry Daugherty was his attorney general and Albert Fall (who was from New Mexico and was a close friend of Harding's) was the secretary of the interior. Another one of his friends was Charles Forbes. He was oppointed as head of the Veterans Bureau. Some of his other friends were oppointed also. Many were responsible for corruption. They were involved in many scandals such as the Teapot Dome Scandal which was when they leased government land to private individuals. It resulted in a fine and a year in jail for Albert Fall. The term "fall guy" also resulted from the Teapot Dome Scandal. "Fall Guy" means a scapegoat or a gullible victim.
  33. ~Teapot Dome Scandal~
    The Teapot Dome Scandal was caused by part of the Ohio Gang. The Ohio Gang was president Harding's friends that he oppointed to the government. It was in 1922 in Wyoming. Albert Fall leased government land to private individuals. He was the secretary of interior. It resulted in a fine and a year in jail for him. He leased it to Harry F. Sinclair and Edward L. Doheny.
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