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    Worthy of imitation, commendable
  1. "That was an exemplary answer given by Jennifer."
  2. Candid
    Honest; open and sincere

    "The teacher was candid when he talked to the student about his grade."
  3. Fastidious
    Having high standards; hard to please

    "The teacher is fastidious about keeping her room clean."
  4. Belligerent
    Aggressive, eager to flight, hostile

    "The driver was belligerent when the police officer pulled him over for speeding."
  5. Amicable
    Characterized by friendship and good will

    "The teams ended the game in an amicable manner shaking hands at midfield."
  6. Camaraderie
    Comradeship; good-fellowship; togetherness

    "The group showed camaraderie as they worked on the project together."
  7. Foibles
    A minor weakness or flaw of character; a small defect

    "The hot headed jock thought he had no foibles."
  8. Slothful
    Lazy, inactive

    "Though the weather was nice this weekend, I was slothful and just laid around the house."
  9. Reverence
    A feeling of attitude of deep respect

    "I have reverence for US veterans."
  10. Substantiate
    To establish by proof or evidence; to give substance to

    "The lawyer can substantiate the charge with the district attorney's office."
  11. Admonish
    To advise against something or to scold

    "The teacher admonished him for excessive talking."
  12. Mettlesome
    Spirited; courageous

    "The candidate's mettlesome speech got the audience very excited."
  13. Intrepid
    Characterized by fearlessness and endurance

    "The intrepid photographer flew on some of the fiercest bombing raids of war."
  14. Antagonist
    A person who is opposed to or completes against another; opponent; adversary

    "The old lady was a real antagonist and whatever the boys tried to do she tried to stop them by any possible means."
  15. Veracity
    Truthfulness, devotion to the truth

    "The politician was not noted for his veracity."
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