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    • What is the purpose of the judicial branch?
    • To interpret laws
  1. What article is the judicial branch set up?
    Article 3
  2. How long is a justice's term?
  3. Who is the head of the Supreme Court?
    John G. Roberts Jr.
  4. Who was the first black justice?
    Thurgood Marshall
  5. Who was the first Mexican justice?
    Sonia Sotomayor
  6. Where do most federal court cases begin?
    District Courts
  7. How many district courts are there?
  8. What is original jurisdiction?
    • Original jurisdiction is the court where the case first goes.
    • 94 District Courts
    • or
    • Supreme Court
  9. What is appellate jurisdiction?
    Where the case goes if appealed
  10. What makes a criminal case?
    • The breaking of a law
    • Prosecution
    • Defense
  11. What makes a civil case?
    • Law suit
    • Plaintiff
    • Defendant
  12. What is a plaintiff?
    Person who brings up the suit in a civil case
  13. What is a precedent?
    Making a decision based on a previous case; sets a policy
  14. What is the Court in-between the Supreme Court and District Court?
    12 US Court of Appeals
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