1. Abraham Lincoln's plan of reconstruction required:

    C) 10 percent of the adult white males to take the loyalty oath.
  2. Under the new president Andrew Johnson, presidential reconstruction:

    C) made it possible for former high-ranking Confederates to assume positions of power in the reconstructed southern governments.
  3. In May 1868:

    B) the Senate failed by one vote to convict Andrew Johnson of the impeachment charges filed against him.
  4. The African-Americans elected to political offices during Reconstruction:

    A) were more conservative than the majority of the black population
  5. The most important institutions for African-Americans as they tried to establish their own independent family and community life were:

    D) the schools and the churches.
  6. In the years after the Civil War, most freedpeople ended up working:

    D) as farmers under a sharecropping system
  7. The Freedmen's Bureau courts:

    B) were the most effective means of protecting black economic rights.
  8. The Fifteenth Amendment:

    B) prohibited denying the right to vote on grounds of race.
  9. The Civil Rights Act of 1875:

    A) contained provisions for social equality that were later declared unconstitutional.
  10. The primary purpose of the Ku Klux Klan was to:

    A) destroy the Republican party in the South.
  11. The Compromise of 1877:

    C) marked the end of Reconstruction.
  12. Reconstruction ended:

    B) in failure because of deep-seated racism in the United States.
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