1. The blood lancet is used for the collection of blood specimens by ?
    skin puncture
  2. The standard point of the lancet to be used hen collecting blood from a newborn heel is?
  3. To determine the size of the needle remember that the higher the gauge number the needle will be?
  4. Rubber sleeves on an evacuated tube system make it possible for?
    multiple use
  5. In the evacuated blood collection system the evacuated glass tubes come in different sizes
    and the stoppers are?
  6. During venipuncture
    to secure the needle during insertion into the tube stopper
  7. The gauge of the needle most commonly used for venipuncture is ?
    22 gauge
  8. Veins pulsate?
  9. The maximum time a tourniquet should be tied on the upper arm while drawing blood is?
    1 minute
  10. To cleanse the typical venipuncture site
    begin at the intended site of the draw and?
  11. When using an evacuated tube for collection of electrolytes uses a?
    red-top tube
  12. When collecting blood for a hematocrit test use a?
    lavender-top tube
  13. When collecting blood for cholesterol test use a?
    red-top evacuated tube
  14. Blood Films?
    the primary anticogulant additive EDTA removes calcium by forming insoluble or un-ionized calcium salts.
  15. Sodium citrate is an anticoagulant of choice for coagulation studies because it protects certain of the?
  16. Lavender Tube?
    used to collect whole blood with an additive
  17. Red Tubes?
    used for color collection of serum
  18. The cephalic
    medial cubital
  19. Plasma goes to the top of the tube when anticoagulated blood is?
  20. Red Blood Cells goes to the bottom of the tube when anticoagulated blood is?
  21. Lavender Tube?
    used to collect a blood sample for a cbc
  22. Used for monitoring anticoagulated therapy?
    PT and PTT
  23. Red Tubes?
    are drawn first
  24. What values are increased in infections and inflammatory disease?
    erythrocyte sedimentation rates
  25. What type of blood sample will be needed to perform a hemoglobin test?
    EDTA added
  26. How many hematocrit tubes should be collected from the patient?
  27. What type of blood sample is needed when performing PKU ?
  28. Chain of custody?
    describes how evidence is to be collected and handled
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