(2) Plant anatomy and Growth

  1. cotyledon
    seed leaves produced by embryo that serve to absorb nutrients packaged in the seed until the seedling is able to use it's first true leaves for photosynthesis
  2. angiosperms
    flowering plants
  3. monocots
    • have one cotyledon
    • parallel veins
    • scattered vascular bundles
    • fibrous roots
    • petals in multiples of 3
  4. dicots
    • 2 cotyledons
    • net-like veins
    • vascular bundles in a ring
    • tap roots
    • petals in multiples of 4 and 5
  5. vascular bundle
    a strand of primary conductive plant tissue consiting of the xylem and phloem
  6. node
    where the leave attaches to the shoot
  7. internode
    space betweem leaves
  8. blade
    main part of the leaf
  9. petiole
    attaches leaf to node in dicots
  10. shoot system for a monocot
  11. shoot system for a dicot
  12. sheath
    attaches leaf to node in monocots
  13. terminal bud
    highest point of the shoot
  14. axillary bud
    located at junction of leaf and shoot, dormant
  15. root
    supports and absorb water and minerals from soil
  16. root hairs
    extensions of individual cells that absorb
  17. what can roots be modified to be?
    • starch storage
    • ex. carrot
  18. ratio of roots to shoots
  19. apical meristem
    meristem at the tip of a root or shoot that causes the root or shoot to increase in length
  20. apical dominance
    a way for the plant to use its esources to get taller, the terminal bud produces a hormone to inhibit the growth of axillary buds
  21. be able to draw plant cell
  22. primary cell wall is made of:
  23. turger pressure
    created when the plasma membrane presses against the cell wall
  24. secondary wall
    • only in plants than need support
    • beween plasma membrane and primary cell wall
    • made of cellulose and lignin
    • strong and hard
  25. protoblast
    • everything inside cell wall
    • (plasma membrane, all cytoplasm and all its contents)
  26. vacuole
    stores pigments and waste products
  27. plastids originated by
  28. chloroplasts
    photosynthesis occurs
  29. amyloplast
    storch storage
  30. chromoplasts
    contains pigments
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