1. At the beginning of the Civil War, which one of the following factors favored the Confederacy?

    B) the fact that the fighting would be on southern soil.
  2. The Confederacy hoped to gain European recognition because:

    C) cotton was vital to England's economy.
  3. The battle at Antietam was significant for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

    D) it demonstrated McClellan had the qualities necessary to win the war.
  4. The Crittenden Resolution:

    C) declared that the war was being fought to save the Union.
  5. The Emancipation Proclamation applied to slaves:

    A) in those areas of the South under Confederate control.
  6. During the Civil War, African-American troops:

    B) served in segregated units under the command of white officers.
  7. During the war, women did all the following EXCEPT:

    A) run the railroads.
  8. The Republican Congress during the Civil War passed economic legislation that included all EXCEPT:

    C) restricting money to hard currency ("specie").
  9. Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus:

    D) throughout the North.
  10. The Confederacy was like the North in each of the following ways EXCEPT:

    A) each president, despite little military background, ably directed the war effort.
  11. During the Civil War:

    D) twice as many troops died from diseases than from battle wounds.
  12. The surrender of Robert E. Lee:

    D) meant the capture of the last major Confederate army.
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