Ch 11 PV

  1. PV Power Source
    An array or collection of arrays that generates DC power
  2. PV Source Circuit
    The circuit connecting a group of modules together and to the common connection point of the DC system
  3. PV Output Circuit
    The circuit connecting the PV power source to the rest of the system
  4. Ampacity
    The current that a conductor can carry continuously under the conditions of use without exceeding its temperature rating
  5. Junction Box
    A protective enclosure used to terminate, combine, and connect various circuits or components together
  6. Combiner Box
    A junction box used as the parallel connection point for two or more circuits
  7. Blocking Diode
    A diode used in PV source circuits to prevent reverse current flow
  8. Bypass Diode
     A diode used to pass current around, rather than through, a group of PV cells
  9. Overcurrent Protection Device
    A device that prevents conductors or devices from reaching excessively high temperatures due to very high currents by opening the circuit
  10. Fuse
    A metallic link that melts when heated by current greater than its rating, opening the circuit and providing overcurrent protection
  11. Circuit Breaker
    An electrical switch that automatically opens as a means of overcurrent protection, and that can be manually opened as a disconnecting means
  12. Interrupting Rating
    The maximum current that an overcurrent protection device is able to stop without being destroyed or causing an electrical arc
  13. Back-fed Circuit Breaker
    A circuit breaker that allows current flow in either direction
  14. Disconnect
    A device used to isolate equipment and conductors from sources of electricity for the purpose of installation, maintenance, or service
  15. Grounded
    The condition of something that is connected to the earth or to a conductive material that is connected to the earth
  16. Grounding Electrode
    A conductive rod, plate, or wire buried in the ground to provide a low-resistance connection to the earth
  17. Grounding Electrode Conductor (GEC)
    A conductor connecting the grounding electrode to the rest of the electrical grounding system
  18. Grounded Conductor
    A current-carrying conductor that is intentionally grounded
  19. Equipment Grounding Conductor (EGC)
    A conductor connecting exposed metallic equipment, which might inadvertently become energized, to the grounding electrode conductor
  20. Ungrounded Conductor
    A current-carrying conductor that has no connection to the ground
  21. Ground Fault
    The undesirable condition of current flowing through the grounding conductor
  22. Ground-fault Protection
    The automatic opening of conductors involved in a ground fault
  23. Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
    A device that opens the ungrounded and grounded conductors when a ground fault exceeds a certain amount, typically 4 mA to 6 mA
  24. Surge Arrestor
    A device that protects electrical devices from transients (voltage spikes)
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