PBH T1 partiii

  1. addition
    repeated use for pleasure, despite the effects
  2. temperance moverment
    save husbands; 18th later 21st amendment
  3. babakiueria 
    cultural awareness and literacy 
  4. 3 themes of bab movie
    • cultural biases affect our perception 
    • step and analyze on more objective 
    • more harm if we dont let go
  5. 3 situ that cause conflict 
    • reeducation program
    • stereotypes
    • seperate but equal celebrations of 100 year that excluded most whilte 
  6. aids vid
    aids in india, africa, and us
  7. challenges in aids video 3
    • education 
    • good health care
    • difference of help in us vs. others
  8. ethical conflicts in aids  2
    • know diff btw educate vs change morals
    • test blood for HIV positive so it isnt given to anemic babies
  9. disease in the aids video 3
    • malaria
    • aids
    • syphilis 
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PBH T1 partiii
PBH T1 partiii