Physics - waves

  1. Vibration:
    Energy input into a medium, resulting in a disturbance of the medium.
  2. Medium:
    Any substance capable of transmitting energy
  3. Waves:
    Repeated vibrations.
  4. Oscillation:
    When an object is experiencing repetitive vibrations.
  5. Transverse Wave:
    When the energy input is perpendicular to the resulting wave's motion
  6. Longitudingal wave:
    When the energy input is parallel to the resulting wave's motion.
  7. Torsional wave:
    When the energy input displaces the particles in a circular motion around a central axis.
  8. Frequency:
    The number of cycles in a second. Also the pitch of the sound.
  9. Period:
    The number of seconds in a cycle.
  10. Standing Wave:
    When transmitted and reflected waves are in sync.
  11. Sound:
    The mechanical disturbance of a medium resulting in vibrations of the medium within an amplitude and frequency that is audible to a specific device (our ears).
  12. Sound vibrations:
    • Three-dimensional, longitudinal waves.
  13. Audible Sound Frequency (humans):
    20-20000 Hz
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