PBH T1 partii

  1. public health
    prevent disease and prolong life
  2. population health 
    evidence based to solve problems aka socio ecological
  3. Determinants of disease 
    •  behavior
    • infection
    • genetics
    • geography
    • environment
    • medical care
    • socioeconomic status.
  4. U.S. Public Health Service
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Food and Drug Administration
    • Health Resources and Services Administration
    • National Institutes of Health
    • note: dr. benjamin
  5. cause that affect individual level 
    cross sectional, case control, retrospective 
  6. cause before in time 
    cohort, prospective
  7. alter the cause and effect
    randomized clinical trials, natural experiments 
  8. dept of defense
    army, navy, marines, air
  9. dept of commerce
    national oceanic and aeronautical association 
  10. dept of homeland security 
    coast guard 
  11. dept of health and human services
    united states public health service commission 
  12. risk factor 
    • characteristic or an exposure
    • note: contributory cause has been established***
  13. contributory causes 
    • cause and effect note: ice cream and drown
    • cause before effect in time
    • alter cause>alter effect

  14. evidence based
    • defining,analyzing and addressing a problem
    • PERI process
  15. ecologic studies
    • group level data and come up with a hypothesis: NOT individual level
    • note: ONLY decriptive studies
  16. confounding variable
    • a difference in groups being compared that makes a
    • difference in the outcome being measured
  17. ancillary criteria of health outcomes
    group of minimal conditions necessary to provide adequate evidence of a causal relationship between an incidence and a consequence
  18. data
    facts as opposed to information
  19. public health surveillance
    collection of data for monitory, making hypo, and evaluating the success 
  20. social marketing
    market theory to make social change like health promo
  21. branding 
    create identification with a product 
  22. temperance movement
    less use on alcholic
  23. addiction 
    • tolerance
    • withdrawal
    • loss of control 
    • preoccupation-to recover 
    • continuation-severe sacrifices
  24. mothers against drunk driving 
    • Lightner found in 80s b/c Cari got killed 
    • Lamb and her daughter, Laura were the youngest quadriplegic
  25. population health components
    • historical
    • current 
    • emerging 
  26. necessary cause
    if the cause is not there, the disease will not stop 
  27. sufficient cause
    if the cause is there, the disease will continue 
  28. socioeco status/us in terms of US
    family income, education, parents' education, professional status 
  29. culture
    • what is good vs bad
    • judgements
  30. secretary of health and human services
    protect the health and give services in need; largest the civilian dept in govt
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PBH T1 partii
PBH T1 partii