Assembly and Rigging Unit 3 exam

  1. 8212. The auxiliary (tail) rotor of a helicopter permits the pilot to compensate for and/or accomplish which of the following?
    Torque and directional control
  2. 8213. The vertical flight of a helicopter is controlled by
    collective pitch changes
  3. 8214. A reduction in ani-torque thrust will cause the
    tail to pivot in the direction of torque rotation around the main rotor axis
  4. 8215. In rotorcraft external-loading, the ideal location of the cargo release is where the line of action passes
    through the center of gravity at all times
  5. 8216. The acute angle formed by the chord line of a wing and the relative wind is known as the
    angle of attack
  6. 8217. A helicopter in forward flight, cruise configuration, changes direction by
    tilting the main rotor disk in the desired direction
  7. 8218. The purpose in checking main rotor blade tracking is to determine the
    relative position of the blades during rotation
  8. 8219. In a hovering helicopter equipped with a tail rotor, directional controls is maintained by
    varying the pitch of the tail rotor blades
  9. 8220. if a single-rotor helicopter is in foward horizontal flight, the angle of attack of the advancing blade is
    less than the retreating blade
  10. 8221. Main rotor blades that do not cone by the same amount during rotaiton are said to be out of
  11. 8222. One purpose of the freewhelling unit required between the engine and the helicopter transmission is to
    automatically disengage the rotor from the engine in case of and engine failure
  12. 8223. Which statement is correct concerning torque effect on helicpoters?
    Torque direction is the opposite of rotor blade ratation
  13. 8224. What is the pupose of the free-wheeling unit in a helicopter drive system?
    It disconnects the rotor whenever the enginne stops or slows below the equivalent of rotor RPM
  14. 8225. Movement about the longitudinal axis (roll) in a helicopter is effected by movement of the
    cyclic pitch control
  15. 8226. Movemetn about the lateral axis (pitch) in a helicopter is effected by movement of the
    cyclic pitch control
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