Vocab #7

  1. Austere
    Simple, plain
  2. Beneficent
    Performing acts of kindness or charity
  3. Cadaverous
    Pale, resembling a corpse
  4. Concot
    To prepare by combining ingredients
  5. Crass
    Coarse, unfeeling; Stupid

    Crude, vulgar
  6. Debase
    To lower in character, quality, or value
  7. Desecrate
    To contaminate, pollute, violate
  8. Disconcert
    To confuse
  9. Grandiose
    Grand in an impressive way
  10. Inconseqential
  11. Infraction
    A breaking of a law or obligation
  12. Mitigate
    To make milder, to moderate in force or intensity
  13. Pillage
    To rob of goods by open force
  14. Prate
    To talk a great deal in foolish or aimless fashion
  15. Punctilious
    Very careful and exact
  16. Redoubtable
    Inspiring fear or awe
  17. Reprove
    To find fault with, scold
  18. Restitution
    the act of restoring something to the rightful owner
  19. Stalwart
    Strong and sturdy; brave
  20. Vulnerable
    Open to attack; unprotected
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Vocab #7
Vocab #7