Week 1 vocab

  1. thrive
    prosper, blossom, develped
  2. rewarding
    something you can get benefit from it.
  3. refugee 
    victims, people who met disaster.
  4. preserve
    save, keep, hold, maitain
  5. opportunity 
  6. evolving
    change, develop
  7. fortuitous 
    something happened by chance. causeless
  8. entrepreneur
    enterprise man, business man
  9. accomplish
    finish, achieved something. attain, reach. succeed in doing something.
  10. affordable
    cheap. have able to buy.
  11. assimilate.
    absorb. accept something and be used to it.
  12. adequately
    enough, full of. if you have adequately number of foods. so that means you have enough foods.
  13. contribute
    provide, give. pay money for foundation. 
  14. custom
    habit, tradition. the culture of a region/country.
  15. diversity
    difference. variety. something that contain many different elements.
  16. convince
    make sb. believe what you saying.
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