Chapter 2 layers.txt

  1. List the layers of the OSI model.
    • Physical
    • Datalink
    • Network
    • Transport
    • Session
    • Presentation
    • Application
  2. Application layer
    Interfaces between network and application software.  Includes authenticatin services.
  3. Presentation layer
    Defines format and organization of data.  Includes encryption.
  4. Session layer
    Establishes and maintains end-to-end bidirectional flows between end points.  Includes managing transaction flows.
  5. Transport layer
    Provides a variety of services between two host computers including connection establishement and termination, flow control, error recovery, and segmentation of large data blocks inter smaller parts for transmission.
  6. Network layer
    Logical addresssing, routing and path determination.
  7. Datalink layer
    Formats data into frames appropriate for transmission onto some physical medium.  Defines rules for when medium can be used.  Defines means by which to recognize transmission errors.
  8. Physical layer
    Defines electrical, optical, cabling, connectors and procedural details required for transmitting bits represented as same form of energy passing over a physical medium.
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