Airframe Inspection Exam

  1. 8293. Which statement about Airworthiness Directives (AD's) is true?
    Compliance with and applicable AD is mandatory and must be recorded in the maintenance records
  2. 8294. When overhauling electrical equipment, all necessary information should be obtained from
    maintenace instuctions published by the aircraft and/or equipment manufacturer
  3. 8295. Which statement is correct regarding and aircraft that is found to be unairworthy after and annual inspection, due to an item requiring a major repair ( assuming approved data is used to accomplish the repair)?
    An appropriately rated mechanic may accomplish the repair, and an IA may approve the aircraft for return to service.
  4. 8296. Radio equipment installations made in accordance with Supplemental Type  Certificate data require approval for return to service
    by the holder of an inspection authorization
  5. 8297. An aircraft may be flown beyond the 100-hour inspection requirement to reach a place where the inspection can be accomplished, provided it
    does not exceed 10 flight hours
  6. 8298. Where would you find the recommended statement for recording the approval or disapproval for return to service of an aircraft after a 100-hour or annual inspection?
    14 CFR Part 43
  7. 8299. The maximum time a 100-hour inspection may be extended is
    10 hours
  8. 8300. Which statement is correct when an aircraft has not been approved for return to service after an annual inpection because of several items requiring minor repair?
    An appropriately rated mechanic may repair the defects and approve the aircraft for return to service
  9. 8301. An aircraft that is due an annual inspection amy be flown
    if a special permit has been issued for the aircraft
  10. 8302. For an individual (not a repair station) to conduct a complete 100-hour  inspection on an aircraft and approve it for return to service requires a mechanic certificate with
    airframe and powerplant rating
  11. 8303. Where would you find the operating conditions that make a 100-hour  inspection mandatory?
    14 CFR Part 91
  12. 8304. Large airplanes and turbine-power multiengine airplanes operated under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 91, General Operating and Fight Rules, must be inspected
    in accordance with an inspection program authorized under Federal Aviation Regulation Part 91, Subpart E
  13. Who is responsible for maintaining an aircraft?
    Owner or Operator
  14. According to FAR 43 what must be used in performing an inspection
    Checklist FAR 43.15 (c)(1)
  15. Whe performing the operational check on the engine what RPM check must be done
    Static and idle RPM check 43.15 (c)(2)
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