Muscle and Nervous Tissue

  1. gradual process of lengthening, with synthesis of myofibrillar proteins
  2. origin of muscle tissue
  3. multinucleated cell(from fusion of myoblasts)
    skeletal muscle
  4. oval nuclei is found at the periphery of the cell, under the cell membrane
    skeletal muscle
  5. made up of dense irregular connective tissue; holds groups of fascicles
  6. holds fascicles(bundles of fibers within a muscle)
  7. made up of delicate connective tissue; holds individual muscle fibers
  8. thick/dark filaments; anisotropic(birefringent in polarized light)
  9. thin/light filament; isotropic(do not alter polarized light)
  10. center of a-band
  11. bisects h-band
  12. protein that binds the thick filaments in place
  13. bisects the i band
  14. thin filament; 2 strands of globular(g-actin) monomers in double helical formation; contains binding sites for myosin
  15. thick filament; 2 heavy and 2 light chains; heavy chains have ATP binding sites to contain troponin and tropomyosin
  16. protein used to bind myosin to proteins of the m line and the disk line
  17. troponin that binds to calcium
    troponin C
  18. troponin that binds to tropomyosin
    troponin t
  19. troponin that binds to actin; inhibits
    troponin i
  20. events in muscle contraction
    1) myosin heads hydrolysis ATP and become reoriented and energized

    2) myosin heads binds to actin forming cross bridges

    3)myosin heads rotate toward center of the sarcomere(power stroke)

    4)myosin heads bind ATP, the crossbridges detatch from actin 
  21. branching fibers; centrally located nucleus; involuntary contraction; presence of intercalated disk
    cardiac muscle
  22. represent junctional complexes between adjacent cardiac muscle cells
    intercalated disk
  23. equivalent to the zonula adherens between epithelial cells; anchoring sites for actin filaments of terminal structure
    fascia adherentes
  24. binds individual cardiac cells to one another
    macula adherentes/desmosome
  25. provides ionic continuity between cells; found in lateral portions
    gap junction
  26. generates and rapidly transmits contractile impulse to various parts of myocardium in precise sequence
    purkinje fibers
  27. elongated, non-striated, spindle shaped cells; cigar shaped nucleus; enclosed by basal lamina and reticular fibers which serve to combine the force generated by each smooth muscle fiber into a concerted action
    smooth muscle
  28. branching myelinated motor nerves; myoneural junction
    motor end plate
  29. receptors for proprioception
    neuromuscular spindle
  30. believed to be the regenerating cells of the skeletal muscle
    satellite cells
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