MA-70 Ch 10

  1. accommodation
    ability of the eye to adjust focus on near objects
  2. amblyopia
    decreased vision in early life because of a functional defect that can occur as a result of strabismus, refractive errors, or trauma; usually occurs in one eye; also known as a lazy eye
  3. aphakia
    absence of the lens, usually after cataract extraction
  4. astigmatism
    distorted vision caused by an oblong or cylindrical curvature of the lens or cornea that prevents light rays from coming to a single focus on the retina
  5. blepharitis
    inflammation of the eyelid
  6. blepharoplasty
    surgical repair of an eyelid
  7. blepharoptosis
    drooping of the eyelid; usually caused by paralysis
  8. blepharospasm
    involuntary contraction of the muscles surrounding the eye causing uncontrolled blinking and lid squeezing
  9. cataract
    opaque clouding of the lens causing decreased vision
  10. conjunctiva
    mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and outer surface of the eyeball
  11. conjunctivitis
    pinkeye; inflammation of the conjunctiva
  12. cornea
    • transparent, anterior part of the eyeball covering the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber that functions to refract (bend) light to focus a visual image
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  13. corneal
    pert. to the cornea
  14. dacryocyst
    lacrimal sac; structure that collects tears before emptying into the nasolacrimal duct
  15. dacryocystectomy
    excision of a lacrimal sac
  16. dacryocystitis
    inflammation of the tear sac
  17. diplopia
    double vision
  18. ectropion
    outward turning of the rim of the eyelid (tropo = turning)
  19. entropion
    inward turning of the rim of the eyelid
  20. enucleation
    excision of an eyeball
  21. esotropia
    right or left eye deviates inward, toward nose
  22. exophthalmos
    abnormal protrusion of one or both eyeballs (also exophthalmus)
  23. glaucoma
    group of diseases of the eye characterized by increased intaocular pressure that results in damage to the optic nerve, producing defects in vision
  24. hordeolum
    • sty; an acute infection of a sebaceous gland of the eyelid
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  25. hyperopia
    • farsightedness; difficulty seeing close objects when light rays are focused on a point behind the retina
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  26. iridectomy
    excision of a portion of the iris tissue
  27. iridotomy
    a puncture made through the iris without removing any iris tissue
  28. iris
    colored circle; colored part of the eye located behind the cornea that contracts and dilates to regulate light passing through the pupil
  29. iritis
    inflammation of the iris
  30. keratitis
    inflammation of the cornea
  31. keratoplasty
    corneal transplantation; replacement of a diseased or scarred cornea with a healthy one from a matched donor
  32. keratotomy
    incision of the cornea
  33. lacrimal
    pert. to the tears
  34. lacrimation
    secretion of tears
  35. myopia
    • nearsightedness; difficulty seeing distant objects when light rays are focused on a point in front of the retina
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  36. nasolacrimal
    pert. to the nose and the lacrimal apparatus
  37. ophthalmitis
    inflammation of the eye
  38. ophthalmologist
    physician who specializes in the treatment of disorders of the eye
  39. ophthalmology
    the study of the eye and its diseases
  40. ophthalmopathy
    any disease of the eye
  41. ophthalmoscopy
    use of an ophthalmoscope to view the interior of the eye
  42. optic
    pert. to sight or the eye
  43. phacoemulsification
    use of ultrasound to shatter and break up a cataract, with aspiration and removal
  44. photophobia
    extreme sensitivity to, and discomfort from, light
  45. presbyopia
    impaired vision caused by old age or loss of accommodation
  46. pseudophakia
    an eye in which the natural lens is replaced with and artificial lens implant
  47. pupil
    black, circular opening in the center of the iris through which light passes as it enters the eye
  48. retina
    innermost layer that perceives and transmits light to the optic nerve
  49. retinitis
    inflammation of the retina
  50. retinopathy
    any noninflammatory retinal damage or disease
  51. sclera
    • tough, fibrous, white outer coat extending from the cornea to the optic nerve
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  52. scleritis
    inflammation of the sclera
  53. strabismus
    a condition of eye misalignment caused by intraocular muscle imbalance (also called = heterotropia)
  54. tonometry
    use of a tonometer to measure intraocular pressure, which is elevated in glaucoma
  55. trichiasis
    • misdirected eyelashes that rub on the conjunctiva or cornea
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