CH 12: Part II

  1. muscular degeneration
    breakdown or thinning of the tissues in the macula, resulting in partial or complete loss of central vision
  2. pseudophakia
    eye with an artificial lens implant
  3. pterygium
    fibrous growth of conjunctival tissue that extends onto the cornea
  4. retinal detachment
    separation of the retinal from the epitheliem
  5. retinitis
    inflammation of the retina
  6. stabismus
    crossed eyes; eye misalignment caused by intraocular muscle imbalance
  7. scleritis
    inflammation of the sclera
  8. trichiasis
    misdirected eyelashes that rub on the conjuctiva or cornea
  9. distance visual acuity
    measure of the ability to see the details and shapte of identifiable objects from a specific distance
  10. fluorescein angiography
    • visualization/photography of retinal and choroidal vessels
    • done by circulating dye through the veins of the eye
  11. refraction
    measurement of refractive errors using a phoropter - to find best prescription to correct vision
  12. phoropter
    instrument that holds corrective lenses in from of the eye to determine optical correction
  13. sonography
    using sound waves to detect pathology within the eye
  14. tonometry
    using a tonometry to measure intraocular pressure
  15. blepharoplasty
    surgical repair of an eyelid
  16. cataract extraction
    excision of a cloudy lens from the eye
  17. enucleation
    excision of an eyeball
  18. iridectomy
    excision of a portion of iris tissue
  19. iridotomy
    • incision into the iris
    • usually to drain aqueous humor-due to glaucoma
  20. keratoplasty
    corneal transplant fromĀ  matched donor
  21. LASIK
    using a laser to reshape the surgace of the cornea
  22. intraocular lens implant (ILO)
    implantation of an artificial lens to replace a defective one
  23. contact lens
    small plastic curved disk with optical correction that fits over the cornea
  24. eye instillation
    introduction of a medicated solution in the eye
  25. eye irrigation
    washing of the eye with water/fluid
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