Tissue Classification

  1. Skeletal muscle fibers have what type of appearance
    Straited or striped
  2. Where is dense irregular connective tissue found
    In the dermis of the skin
  3. Describe dense irregular connective tissue
    Collagen fibers are randomly arranged
  4. Describe dense regular connective tissue
    Collagen fibers are arranged in a parallel linear fashion
  5. Elastin fibers are found where
    • Wall of the aorta
    • Dermis of the skin
  6. What are the three main kinds of fiber produced by fibroblast
    • Collagen
    • Reticular
    • Elastin
  7. Fibroblast produce and secrete what?
  8. What is a fibroblast
    The principal cell type found in connective tissue
  9. Decribe reticular fibers
    Very fine branched fibers
  10. Where is the transitional epithemium found
    In the lining of the urinary passages and bladder
  11. Where are goblet cells found
    Lining of the intestines
  12. Stratified squamous epithelium covers what part of the body
    • Surface of the skin
    • Lining of the mouth
    • Throat
    • Esophagus
    • Vagina and anus
  13. Pseudostratified epithelium line where
    Respiratory passages
  14. The internal surfaces of blood vessels and body cavities are what type of epithelium
    Simple squamos
  15. The most common simple epithelium is
    Simple squamos
  16. Where is Simple ciliated columnar found
    • Lining uterine tubes
    • Limited areas of the respiratory tract
  17. Describe stratified epithelial tissue
    Composed of two or more layers
  18. Describe the squamous cell
    Flattened pancake shape
  19. What are the three types of epithelial cells
    • Squamous
    • Cuboidal
    • Columnar
  20. Connective tissue fibers
    thin fiber-like bundles of protein molecules that connect body parts together
  21. Describe pseudostratified epithelium
    Appears to be layered but is not
  22. What is the definition of tissues
    Groups of similiar cells performing a common function
  23. What are the four categories of tissues
    • Epithelial
    • Connective
    • Nervous
    • Muscle
  24. What is the basement membrane
    Thin connective tissue sheet that seperates the epithelial and connective tissue layer
  25. What are the five types of simple epithelial tissue
    • Simple squamous
    • Simple cuboidal
    • Simple columnar
    • Simple ciliated columnar
    • Pseudostratified ciliated columnar
  26. Where is simple cuboidal epithelium found
    • Ovaries
    • Salivary ducts
    • Pancreatic ducts
    • Kidney tubules lining
  27. Where is simple columnar epithelium found
    • Lining digestive tract
    • Gallbladder
    • Excretory ducts of some glands
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