US History

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  1. Name the economic system practiced in Europe at the time of the founding of the american colonies.
  2. One type of colonial charter was the Royal. Name two others.
    Proprietory & Self-Governing
  3. Name the document from British history that establishes the principle of representative government.
    Magna Carta
  4. Give the Latin phrase for the right of an Englishman to be brought before a judge after arrest for arraignment.
    Habeas Corpus
  5. What was the french and Indian War known as in Europe?
    7 years war
  6. What did the colonists describe as "A revinue measure disguised as a duty?"
    The Townshend Duties (1767)
  7. Give the month, day , and year of the Boston Massacre.
    March 5th 1770
  8. Name the British customs cutter that was vandalized by Rhode Island colonists in 1772.
    HMS Gaspee
  9. Name the patriot organization that was behind the "Boston Tea Party"
    The Sons of Liberty
  10. Give two other names for the Coercive Acts.
    The Intoloerable acts or the Punative act
  11. What British General came up with the three-part plan for defeating the Continentals in New York in 1777?
    General John Burgoyne
  12. Name the US General credited by history with victory in the Saratoga Battle.
    General Horatio Gates
  13. Name the first battle fought by Washington in defence of Philadelphia in the fall of 1777.
    Brandywine creek
  14. Name the the foriegn officer credited with the proper training of the Continental Army during the Valley Forge encampment.
    Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
  15. Who succeeded General Howe as the commander of British forces in America?
    General Sir Henry Clinton
  16. By 1780, what British officer had "finally devised a strategy for winning the war?"
    General Sir Henry Clinton
  17. Name the Continental General at Charleston SC who surrendered an army of 5,000 defenders to the British in 1780.
    Benjamin Lincoln
  18. Name the British officer who led loyalists in a massacre of patriots at the Waxhaws in May, 1780.
    General Sir Banastre Tarleton
  19. Name the commander of the Continental Army at the battle of Camden, SC.
    General Horatio Gates
  20. Name the commander of the British Army at the battle of Camden, SC.
    Lord Cornwallis
  21. Name the commander of the Patriot forces at the battle Cowpens.
    Daniel Morgan
  22. Name the Philadelphia banker who became the secretary of finance for the Continental Congress.
    Robert Morris Jr.
  23. Name the commander of the french fleet that assisted Washington in his victory at Yorktown.
    comte de Grasse
  24. Name the governer of Virginia in 1781.
    Thomas Jefferson
  25. Give the Month, Day, and year of the formal surrender of British forces at Yorktown.
    October 19, 1781
  26. Name the town in new York where General Washington defused a developing coup d' etat in 1783.
    Newburgh, New York
  27. Name the secretary of the Continental Congress from 1774 to 1783.
    Charles Thomson
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