1. If product in emerging growth stage ...
    ... focus on R&D, competition, and pricing
  2. If product in growth stage ...
    ... focus on marketing and competition
  3. If product in mature stage ...
    ... focus on manufacturing, costs, and competition
  4. If product in declining stage ...
    ... define niche strategy, analyze competition, and/or think exit strategy
  5. If you lower prices and volume rises and you are pushed beyond full capacity then ...
    ... costs will rise (i.e. labor) and profits will decline
  6. If sales and market share are increasing but profits are declining then ...
    ... look into prices and costs
  7. If sales and market share are flat then it could mean ...
    ... industry sales are flat (and competitors having same experience)
  8. Elements of COGS
    Direct labor, direct material costs, overhead, delivery costs
  9. Gross margin less x and y = Operating margin
    SG&A, Depreciation
  10. Examples of fixed costs
    Fixed costs don't change month to month: rent, insurance premium, loan payment, equipment lease, admin./tech. support
  11. Examples of variable costs
    Variable costs do change month to month and depend on volume: raw materials, hourly labor, incremental power/fuel, office supplies
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