Nutrition Protein

  1. organic compounds formed from amino acid chains
  2. What are amino acids composed of
    • carbon
    • hydrogen
    • oxygen
    • nitrogen
  3. How many amino acids are there
  4. What are essential amino acids(EEA)
    amino acids that can not be made by the body and must be eaten
  5. What are nonessential amino acids
    amino acids that the body can produce
  6. What determines the composition of an amino acid
    number,assortment, & sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain
  7. How are amino acids linked together
    polypeptide bonds
  8. Where do the polypeptide bonds occur
    the carboxyl group of one amino acid binds with the amino group of another amino acid
  9. How does each cell get the protein it needs
    the cell will synthesis what it needs
  10. What amino acid is used for energy
  11. What does the amino group contain
  12. What group is unique for each individual amino acid
  13. Why is globular structure necessary for protein
    so they can perform their functions
  14. The amino acid chain is what structural level of protein
  15. What structural level of protein affects the shape of the chain and amino acids due to hydrogen bonding
  16. What structural level of a protein loops polypeptides chain coils so that the loops touch and form stronger bonds in the chain
  17. what structural level of a protein has more than 1 polypeptide chain
  18. what are the functions of proteins
    • growth & maintainance
    • hormones
    • biochemical catalyst
    • form clotting factors
    • form antibodies
    • fluid & electrolyte regualtion
    • transporter
  19. What do proteins transport
    • lipids
    • minerals
    • vitamins
    • oxygen
    • electrolytes
  20. What is denaturation
    altering a protein's 3 demensional structure
  21. What is the protein incapable of after denaturation
    performing it's original function
  22. what can cause denaturation to occur
    • heat
    • Ph changes
    • UV light
    • Alchol
    • mechanical action
  23. Where does protein digestion begin
    chewing starts mechanical breakdown
  24. Where does the chemical digestion of protein begin
    stomach with HCL and pepsin
  25. In the small intestine what breaks down the polypeptides
    pancreatic and intestinal protease
  26. what do the polypeptides get broken down into in the small intestine
    • amino acids
    • dipeptides
    • tripeptides
  27. what happens to the dipeptides and tripeptides
    transport proteins move them into mucosal cells where they are broken down to amino acids
  28. Where do the amino acids travel to
    through blood to liver which regulates distribution
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