Brit Lit Final

  1. 1789
    Revolution begins in France
  2. 1798
    Rebellion in Ireland AND lyrical ballads
  3. 1800
    Union of Ireland ad Great Britain 1801
  4. 1805
    French fleet deteated by British at Trafalgar
  5. 1820
    Death o George III; accession of George IV. London Magazine founded.
  6. 1830
    Death of George IV; accession of William IV. Revolution in France.
  7. 1832
    First reform bill.
  8. 1789-OR 1798 TO 1832-35
    Romantic Period
  9. Burns
    Scotland's national poet. Farmboy. Got several women pregnant. Married but later cheated.
  10. Blake
    Spiritual guy. Songs of Innocence and Experience = two conflicting states of the soul.

    • Innocence = childhood
    • Experience = corrupted by the world over time
  11. Ode Immortality by Wordsworth
    • 1 All the world seemed dreamlike once
    • 2 He still sees all that beautiful stuff. But glory has passed from the earth
    • 3 Listening to birds sing, lambs leap--he is stricken with grief. But waterfall, mountain, wind sound restores him. Grief will not rob him of joy of season anymore. Tells shepard boy to leap.
    • 4 addresses nature creature and says his heart participates in the joy. It would be wrong to be sad on beautiful May morning. But a tree and a pansy make him feel sad and he questions where the glory is.
    • 5 life is a forgetting. Magic comes from other world but passes as we grow old.
    • 6 pleasure of earth makes man forget glory of premortal
    • 7 sees little boy--imagines childhood. Boy plays with an imatation of adult life or death.
    • 8 asks boy why he is hurry to adulthood when he has acces to glory.
    • 9 joyful because memories of childhood will always grant him access to those good things.
    • 10 Urges nature to sing etc. because although he is growing old, he is growing aware
    • 11 This knowledge of life as oppsed to childlike immortality enables him to love nature and thought
  12. Frosted Midnight by Coleridge
    Looking out the window. It is quiet. Too quiet. Recollects on childhood. School boy daydreaming with book. Looks up when people walk in, like his sister. Looks at baby--loves baby. Will be raised in the country. Nature will be his teacher. All seasons will be sweet to the baby--summer and winter alike.
  13. Coleridge
    Opium addict. Friends with Wordsworth. Wanted to go to America. Left wife. Joined military but kicked out for gambling.
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