GENB 4350 CH 10

  1.  a person of legal age  and at  least normal mentality who is considered by law to be capable  of understanding the meaning of a contract
    competent party
  2. the ability to make a valid  contract
    contractual capacity
  3. a person who has not yet  reached the age of majority
  4. the age at which a person is  legally recognized  as an adult and bound by the terms of a contract
    age of makority
  5. in common law, the view that a person's legal birthday is 12:01 am of the day before their actual birthday
    coming of age rule
  6. the modern view that a person attains a given age  on the anniversary date of his or her birthday
    birthday rule
  7. in contract law, to indicate by a statement  or act  an intent not o live up to the terms of a contract
  8. goods a nd servicaes  that are essential to a minor's health and welfare
  9. an approval of a contract made by a minor after reaching majority
  10. in contractual law, the condition that exists when minors are no longer inder control of their parents and are responsible for their contracts
  11. in contract law, the condition that exists when a minor has left home  and given up all rights to parental support
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GENB 4350 CH 10
GENB 4350 CH 10