1. Which of the following types of software protection will help mitigate any threats coming from worm and Trojans?
  2. An end user is having problems printing from an application. THe technician attempts to send a test page to printer. Which of the following BEST explains the reason the technician used a test page to trouble shoot the issue?
    It verifies connectivity and eliminates possible application problems
  3. Which of the folowing protocols is used to retrieve email?
  4. On Windows 7, which of the following paths allows a user to configure a fingerprint reader? 
    Start>Settings>Control Panel>Biometric Devices
  5. A computer in a warehouse experiences hardware faults and often requires replacement of power supplies, CPUs and CD ROM Drives. Which of the following tools will help prevent the hardware faults?
    Compressed Air
  6. Which of the following is the MOST effective means for a technician to prevent ESD damage when insatlling RAM
    Wearing a grounded wristband
  7. Which of the following processor types is manufactured by AMD
  8. A laptop with an external USB hard drive and an external monitor is not booting from the internal hardware drive. Power has been verified and the battery is fully charged. But the laptop appears to be stopping after POST. Which of the following will help troubleshoot the cause of problem?
    Disconnect the external monitor
  9. A technician has completed upgrading a computer from WIndows Vista to Windows 7. According to the system and video drivers need to be upgraded. Which of the following is BEST source for these drivers?
    The windows Hardware Compatibility List
  10. A user made a change to their windows XP system that caused problems. The technician wants to restore the system on previous state. The technician cannot find the previous restore point. Which of the following is the problem.
    System restore is turned off
  11. Which of the following is LAST step of troubleshooting theory?
    Document findings, actions, and outcomes
  12. A technician is installing a program on a Windows Vista computer and the installation fails. Which of the following is the NEXT step.
    Run the installer as an administrator
  13. Which of the following is the maximum number of devices connected per IEEE 1394 controller?
  14. Which of the following printer types requires the use of toner?
  15. Which of the following will best conserve resources and proong equipment life?
    Power Management
  16. Which of the following describes keeping the desk area free of trip hazards such as loose cables
    Cable management
  17. Which of the following network cables would a technician findon RJ-45 connector?
Card Set