1. Taken from the musical term, _______________ in ballet means the brisk, often rapid, action steps that include jumps and the connecting, auxiliary movements.
  2. From both feet to both feet (the basis of _________________________)
    temps lev� saut�
  3. From both feet to one foot (the basis of __________________________)
  4. From one foot to both feet (the basis of _____________________________)
  5. (Or leap) from one foot to the other foot (the basis of _____________________________)
  6. (Or hop) on one foot (the basis of ________________________)
    temps lev�
  7. This bouncy quality known as ___________________, gives the dancer the appearance of being airborne rather than earthbound.
  8. The preparatory movement must be a good _________________-- knees bent directly over the feet and as deeply as the Achilles tendon will allow; the feet firmly on the ground at the big toes, little toes, and heels; the hips, ribs, shoulders, and head poised in dynamic alignment.
  9. Sometimes called simply ____________, the movement is a spring from both feet ending in the same position from which it began.
  10. Although the basic ___________________________ is done in place, the step often is performed traveling either forward or backward, usually with some lift of the arms.
  11. Meaning "change of feet," this term is usually shortened to ________________.
  12. In _____________, the jump is not high but is simply a small spring from a demi-pli� in fifth position to a demi-pli� in second position.
    petit �chapp� saut�
  13. ______________is a spring from both feet that finishes on one foot.
  14. The term means _______________________ and refers to the bringing together of the legs in the air so that the landing can be made on both feet simultaneously.
  15. ___________________, meaning "movement (or time) raised," is a hop on one foot with the other foot raised and held in any given position.
    Temps lev�
  16. ________________________ means "thrown." It is a spring or leap from on foot to the other, done with a strong brush or "throw" of the leg into the air.
  17. Jet� means "thrown." It is a spring or leap ___________________, done with a strong brush or "throw" of the leg into the air.
    from on foot to the other
  18. This term [pas de chat] means ____________ and implies the quick, catlike springing movement.
    step of the cat
  19. This term [pas de chat] means "step of the cat" and implies the quick, catlike springing movement _________ that is characteristic of this step.
    from one foot to the other
  20. ____________________ is done close to the ground, with a brush of one foot along the floor, a shift of weight to that foot, and a slide into fifth position by the other foot.
    Glissade (glide)
  21. Glissade is considered a ___________________ step because the feet barely leave the floor.
    terre � terre (ground to ground)
  22. __________________________ means "cut."
  23. Performed as a sliding movement, ________________________
    • give the appearance of one foot chasing the other from its position.
    • chass�s (chased)
  24. The __________ has three shifts of weight, usually performed in a waltz rhythm.
    pas balanc�
  25. The ______frequently begins facing one downstage corner and finishes to the other.
    pas de basque
  26. _____________________________ resembles a pas de bour�e because it is a compound movement made up of three quick steps, in this case performed as a smooth run.
    Pas couru (run)
  27. _____________________steps require more strength and cover more space, both in the air and across the floor.
    Grand (large) allegro
  28. The ______________________ is a large, forward traveling leap that is preceded by a preparatory movement, such as pas couru, chass�, or glissade, to give the necessary impetus.
    grand jet� en avant
  29. The movement is a hop or spring on one foot with the other leg ____ _________________________________________ and is sometimes called arabesque saut�.
    extended in arabesque
  30. [In temps lev� retir�] a spring or hop is made on one foot with the other foot ______________________.
    drawn up to the retire position
  31. The broad term for steps with beats is _________________________________.
  32. When several different steps are joined together to be performed to a musical phrase, it is called a combination or _____________, literally, a "linking."
    encha�nement (ahn-shain-MAHn)
  33. In either case, the final movement of the class is often the ________________, a bow or curtsy taken by teacher and class in appreciation of their mutual effort.
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