Nutrition Fats

  1. What is the largest class of lipids in our bodies
  2. What are the classifications of lipids
    • fats or triglycerides
    • phospholipids(lecithin)
    • steroles(cholesterol)
  3. What are the functions of fats in our bodies
    • Energy
    • Palability(make food yummy)
    • Satisfaction & saitation(feel full longer)
    • Nutrients source
    • Stored energy
    • Organ protection
    • Temperature regulation
    • Insulation
  4. What nutirients do fat transport
    • fat- soluable vitamins A,D,E, & K
    • fatty acids linoleic & linolenic
  5. What are the functions of phospholipids
    • part of cell membrane
    • emusifier; keeps fat in body fluids
    • part of lipoproteins
  6. What do lipoproteins do
    carry fat & cholesterol away from arteries
  7. What is the function of sterols
    • provide material for:
    • bile
    • vitamin D
    • sex hormones
    • brain cells
    • nerve tissue
  8. What is the structure of a triglyceride
    3 fatty acids 1 glycerol molecule
  9. All natural fats are mixtures of what
    different fatty acids
  10. What is the largest lipid found in food and body fat
  11. What does the term saturation refer to
    ratio of hydrogen atoms to carbon
  12. What is the structure of a completely saturated fat
    hydrogen atom at each avaiable space
  13. What has double bonds btwn carbon and fewer hydrogens
    unsaturated fatty acids
  14. Which fats are solid at room temp and are animal derived fats
    saturated FA
  15. Which FA are liquid at room temp and derived from plants
    unsaturated FA
  16. Which type of FA had more health benefits
    unsaturated, the more saturated, the fewer benefits
  17. Dietary intake should focous on what type of FA consumption
    unsaturated FA
  18. What are the sources of saturated fatty acids
    • animal derived
    • dairy
    • eggs
    • tropical oils
    • cocoa butter
  19. Excessive consumption of saturated FA promotes
  20. What fatty aicds contain one carbon with one undaturated double bond
  21. Primary sources of _______ FA are olive oil, peanuts & peanut oil, avacado, & canola oil
    monosaturated FA
  22. What FA contains 2 or more double bonds on the carbon chain and is plant derived and a good type of fat
    polyunsaturated FA
  23. Priamry sources of _______ FA are vegteable oils, fish, amd margarine
    polyunsaturated FA
  24. What are 2 essential polyunsaturated FA
    • linoleic(omega 6)
    • linolenic(omega 3)
  25. Which essential polyunsaturated acid is provided by the consumption of fish and decrease the risk of heart disease
    linolenic(omega 3)
  26. How does omega 3 decrease the risk of  heart disease
    prevents coagulation of arterial plaques
  27. What are the essential functions of FA
    • skin integrity
    • blood cholesterol regulation
    • growth
    • regualte enzyme production
    • immune function
    • prevents harmful thrombocyte aggregation
    • precursors to prostoglandins
  28. Deficiency in FA can cause what to occur to skin
    eczema and skin lesions
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