Computer History

  1. Who invented the point-contact transistor amplifier?
    William Shockley (shock), Walter Brattain (bratt) and John Bardeen (Bar) in 1947 December 23
  2. When was the first transistorized computer (TX-O) completed?
  3. When was the first hard drive (RAMAC 305) introduced?
    1956 by IBM
  4. When was the first intigrated circuit by texas instruments?
  5. When was the first mini-computer?
    1960 by Digital Equipment (PDP-1) for 120,000$
  6. When was ASCII implemented?
    1964 American Standard Code for Intormation Interchange
  7. What is DRAM?
    Dynamic Random Access Memory in 1968
  8. When was the kitchen computer released?
    1969 by Honeywell for $10,600
  9. When was C programming language developed?
    1972 by Kernighan and Ritchie
  10. What is the Expanded data processing cycle?
    Origination, input, process, output, distribution with storage to and from the process.
  11. What is Origination in the process?
    Refers to the process of collecting the original data.
  12. What is Distribution in the process?
    Refers to teh distribution of the output data.
  13. What is Storage in the process?
    Storage keeps data for further processing.
  14. What is Input in the process?
    Were the initial data are prepared for processing.
  15. What is Processing in the process?
    Where input data is changed and utilized.
  16. What is Output in the process?
    Where the results of the preceeding steps are collected and put out to printers or as files or reports
  17. What is the Data Processing Cycle?
    Input, process, output.
  18. What is \n
    \n a ``newline'' character
  19. What is #include
    It is a directive neede by the program to ensure th ecorrect standard library is utilized
  20. What is stdio.h
    Standard input output
  21. What is {   }
    Signifies the begining and end
  22. What is ;
    Placed at the end of each line of the program
  23. What is getchar(  )
    A FUNCTION used to input a single character from the keyboard, the character pressed echoed on the monitor
  24. What is getch (  )
    FUNCTION used to input a single character from the keyboard without echoing the character on the monitor.
  25. What is /*      */
    Used to add memo or notes which will be ignored by the compiler.
  26. What is %d
    Used for decimal number (whole number)
  27. What is %c
    Used for a single char in C
  28. What is %f
    Used for a number with floatin gor decimal point.
  29. What is scanf(   )
    A FUNCTION used to input single character or sequence of characters from the keyboard.  NO SPACES ACCEPTED

    scanf("control string codes",identifier);
  30. What is printf(   )
    A FUNCTION used to display the argument list on the monitor.

    printf("control string codes",argument list);

    printf("Hello, %s, you are %d years old", name, age);
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