Rome and Arabia

  1. aqueducts
    brought fresh streams of water to the city
  2. a semi-circular structure using no major support
  3. a support sructure that uses blocks, cement, and a keystone
  4. Arabian region today contains several nations including...
    Yemen, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia
  5. Arabian peninsula bounded by the _________ to the east
    Persian Gulf
  6. Arabian pensulia bounded by ________ to the south
    Arabian Sea
  7. Arabain peninsula bounded by _________ to the west which almost completely separates Arabia from Africa
    Red Sea
  8. Arabia consists of mostly...
  9. Arabia gets how much rain a year?
    less than 10 inches
  10. The deserts in Arabia consist of...
    huge hills of sand and stone cliffs. some parts not dry and contain oasis
  11. a group of people and animals traveling together
  12. people of the desert
  13. Wjat religion was born into Arabia?
  14. What does Islam mean?
    submit to the will of God
  15. What is the most important book of Islam and is where all the teachings and stories have been written down?
  16. How many Muslims are there in the world today?
    1 billion
  17. Who became the prophet of Islam?
  18. Where was Muhammad born at?
    the city of Mecca
  19. What contains Allah's teachings to Muhammad? (the Islamic bible)
    the Quran
  20. The 1st basic duty for all Muslims:
    belief in one God, Allah, and Muhammad the prophet
  21. 2nd basic duty for Muslims
    pray to Allah 5 times a day while facing the city of Mecca
  22. 3rd basic duty of Muslim
    give to those in need, especially the poor
  23. 4th basic duty for Muslisms
    fast during the holy month of Ramaden
  24. 5th basic duty
    must make one visit to Mecca in your lifetime, if you can afford it
  25. journey for religion
  26. people chosen to govern the land and religion of Islam
  27. a place of worship where Muslims go for daily prayer
  28. the Roman name for Judea
  29. reunited Ris roman Empire under his rule in the East
    Constantine Empire
  30. capital of the new Roman Empire
  31. the name by which the Eastern half of the Roman Empire became known
    Byzantine Empire
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