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  1. Regarding temporary lodging facilities (TLF), how many priorities are guests divided into?2
  2. All eligible guests listed as Priority 2 are assigned rooms
    On a space-available (Space-A) basis
  3. How are Priority 1 and Priority 2 room assignments to visiting Airman quarters/visiting officer quarters/visiting quarters (VAQ/VOQ/VQ) and temporary lodging facilities (TLF) made?
    First-come first-served basis, reguardless of rank
  4. Transient enlisted aircrew members are entitled to
    Private room with a private or shared bath
  5. When you divide an aircrew into multiple buildings on base, the pick-up can’t exceed how many stops?
  6. Who appoints a base program manager and provides resources required for a viable Prime Knight program?
    Host installation commander
  7. Temporary lodging expense (TLE) allowance is an amount of money authorized
    To partially offset added living expenses incurred during permanent change of station (PCS) within the continental United States (CONUS)
  8. Which allowance is authorized to partially reimburse a member for the added living expense incurred when it is necessary to occupy temporary lodging outside the continental United States (OCONUS)
    Temporary lodging allowance (TLA)
  9. How many square feet of net living area are standard for renovation or new construction of visiting quarters (VQ)
  10. What is a consideration when determining the adequacy of lodging quarters?
    Furniture and equipment
  11. One aspect of basic housekeeping services is
    Replenishing supplies
  12. What should housekeepers do in addition to providing basic housekeeping service?
    Display courteous, helpful behavior toward guests and other lodging employees
  13. The lodging general manager is responsible for maintaining a record of all quarterly inspections including
    Dates, facilities visited, comment, and corrective action
  14. Who is required to maintain documentations of weekly guest room inspections for at least one year?
    General manager
  15. Who is required to conduct formal inspections of the common areas and at least 25 percent of the guest rooms each quarter?
    At least two members of the lodging management staff
  16. What modules are included in the Property Management System (PMS)?
    History Module
  17. What Epitome Property Management System (PMS) gives you a graphical look at the status of each room?
    Blocking Worksheet
  18. Where can you find information on the number of reservations, stays, cancellations, and no-shows for both individuals and groups?
    History Module
  19. What report has a composite listing of all reports required by the front desk in the event the computer system fails
    Front desk backup
  20. What report can you use to find out a guests balance in case your computers are down?
    Guest account balance report
  21. Why is the imperative that a backup report be generated every two hours?
    In case the lodging system goes down
  22. Why should you run the departure report once every hour or until normal checkout time?
    In case a guest due to checkout extended
  23. Who sends the unaccompanied personnel housing (UPH) inventory and utilization data to Headquarters Air Force Services Agency (HQ AFSVA)?
    Major Command (MAJCOM)
  24. Current standards state guests with a reservation should be checked in within
    3 Minutes
  25. What is normal check-in time for lodging?
    Any time rooms are available
  26. Normal check-out time for lodging is?
  27. What base agency do you refer guests to when they need to store weapons?
    Security forces
  28. What base agency do you refer guests to who request storage for classified material?
    The command post
  29. The housekeeping staff must maintain a log annotating all found property by
    Building, date found, room, by whom, and disposition of the property
  30. Where is lost and found stored?
    In a secure area
  31. All guests checking in will sign the guest registration form that advises them lodging is authorized to
    Apply any unpaid charges to their credit card
  32. For personnel whose organization will be billed, how many days does the guest’s organization have to make payment?
  33. What guests are required to pay in advance for up to 30 days?
    VQ guests paying by cash or check
  34. Who will establish procedures and guidance for shift change procedures?
    General manager
  35. General managers may approve cash refunds that do not exceed
  36. Before performing lodging cashier functions, what must you do first?
    Open your bank
  37. At a minimum, an inventory stock record should contain name, unit cost,
    ending balance, and selling price
  38. How should sundry items be issued from the storage room?
    Issue older stock first
  39. What should you consider when establishing stock reorder levels?
    Shipping time, supply sources, and consumption history
  40. How often should you review inventories to identify slow moving items?
  41. Who may authorize below-cost sales to move dead stock or slow moving items?
    Force support squadron commander
  42. When you are designated to conduct an inventory, what is your duty?
    Counting, weighing, or estimating physical quantities
  43. Why is protection of the inventory important?
    Invetories represent a significant portion of assets
  44. Who is responsible for proper investigation, and corrective action concerning inventory losses
  45. At automated lodging operations, the physical inventory count should match the
    Master inventory balance sheet
  46. Who is responsible for establishing inventory schedules?
    Resorue management flight chief (RMFC) and section manager
  47. What is the inventory frequency schedules for a pro-shop activity?
  48. The Force Support Squadron commander may establish central storerooms to
    make receiving and distributing inventory easier
  49. What type of inventory consists of merchandise for resale, such as lodging sundry sales?
  50. Who examines all transactions involving donated items to ensure proper accountability?
    Resource management flight chief (RMFC)
  51. Who schedules mandatory annual impartial inventories of sundry items?
    Nonappropriated fund financiual analyst (NAFFA)
  52. Items sold in lodging rooms must also be available
    At the lodging front desk
  53. When setting prices on retail items, who can lodging not undercut?
    Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
  54. Price Gouging is
    Pricing an item above the market when no alternative retailer is available
  55. What officials provide written reports and assessments on each commercial lodge (CL) inspected?
    Contracting, public health, and fire protection
  56. Why should you make customer comment forms available to guests assigned to commercial lodging (CL)?
    To obtain feedback on the service provided by the establishment
  57. What should you do with commercial lodging (CL) authorization letters?
    Send the CL authorization letter to the CL before the guest arrives
  58. Who develops contingency lodging plans?
    General manager
  59. What is the space available (Space-A) policy when lodging operations are converted in direct support of contingency operations?
    Space-A is not authorized
  60. What type of funds may not be used in support of contingency lodging operations?
    Nonappropriated Funds (NAF)
  61. What is required to make the deployed lodging locator system work?
    The strong backing of the first sergeants
  62. Who plans for the required quantities of supplies, washers, and dryers for self-help laundry operations?
  63. What is a planning factor for laundry facilities?
    Personnel are allowed 10 pounds of organizational clothes per week
  64. If you are using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) laundry equipment, what is the planning factor for machine requirements?
    1 wahwer and 1.5 (commercial type) dryers for each 20 people
  65. Who prepares the income and expense (I&E) budget for the facility?
    Activity managers
  66. Who makes payment to the vendor to clear the accounts payable?
    Nonappropriated fund accounting office (NAF AO)
  67. Who certifies AF Form 1735, NAF Interfund Purchase Order?
  68. What documents are required to substantiate payment to a vendor?
    Contract, a receiving report, and a vendor invoice
  69. When editing rate plans, how many rate plans can be saved at once?
  70. How often are rate packages reviewed?
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