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  1. As a minimum, how many hours a week will fitness centers remain open on active duty bases?
  2. Hours of operation should be predicted based on the
    Customer's needs and demands
  3. Who has the authority to alter the fitness center’s hours of operation?
    Installation commander
  4. Who can use the fitness center after normal hours of operation?
    No one
  5. What is the minimum number of hours of operation for a satellite fitness facility
    30 hours per week
  6. Who funds and maintains unit physical training facilities?
    The using unit
  7. Who may authorize additional categories of participants
    Installation commander
  8. When should latrines, showers, and locker rooms be cleanded?
    After peak periods
  9. Which areas demand constant monitoring to maintain the highest degree of health and sanitation standards?
    Latrines, locker rooms, and showers
  10. How can you prevent illness associated with whirlpools?
    Drain the water and disinfect weekly
  11. How long should it take the water film to dry up after you damp mop on a wood floor?
    Few seconds
  12. Who is responsible for developing annual grounds maintenance plan for the upkeep and maintenance of all outdoor facilities?
    Fitness center director
  13. Who must the fitness center director provide updated operational information to Headquarters Air Force Services Agency?
    Base civil engineers, wing safety, and public health
  14. How often must the fitness center director provide updated operational information to Headquarters Air Force Service Agency?
  15. What two things does a daily inspection of the fitness center ensure?
    Longevity and that no one will be hurt from using defective equipment
  16. Who is involved in the ongoing inspection process of the fitness center?
  17. When can you use a handwritten “Out of Order” sign for broken equipment?
    As an interim emergency measure only 
  18. What areas of fitness centers are recognized for excellence by the 5-Star Program?
    Training, operations, and facilities
  19. What is the Fitness 5-Star Program?
    Annual recognition of superior achievement for fitness centers
  20. What is the 5-Star Program used for?
    A tool as an incentive to exceed standards and reach excellence
  21. What establishes mandatory technical material and operational specifications for all Services programs and activities?
    Golden Eagle Standards
  22. What individual must be on duty at all times in the fitness center?
    Trained individual that can conduct equipment orientation
  23. Once assigned, within how many days do fitness center staff members have to be trained on equipment
  24. Once assigned, within how many days do fitness center staff members have to attend the physical training leader course given by the HAWC fitness program manager
  25. At a minimum, how many members of the fitness center (FC) must successfully complete an enhanced fitness course?
    Two FCS members and the FCD
  26. What can a good emergency plan do?
    Save money
  27. What does a good emergency plan include?
    Checklist detailing specific duties for each staff member
  28. What can a good emergency plan do?
    Save money
  29. How often should managers document emergency plan and procedures training?
    Quarterly and as new members are assigned
  30. Which tournament is the most desirable tournament if time and facilities are available?
  31. What is the disadvantage of the single elimination tournament
    50 percent of the players are eliminatedc in each round of the tournament
  32. When should you order the awards and prizes for the special sporting events?
    in the initial planning stages
  33. What must you keep in mind when developing schedules for sports tournaments?
    Holidays, exercises, or down-days
  34. What program is recreational in nature and usually includes DOD civilians and family members
  35. Which aspects do bylaws deal with?
    Protests and postponements
  36. Who serves as nonvoting members on the fitness and sports advisory council?
    Combat support flight commander and fitness centter director
  37. What merchandise does Service retail operations provide until Army Air Force Exchange Service is able to deploy a direct operation exchange-tactical (DOX-T)?
    Basic health, hygiene, and personal care items
  38. Where should you initially consider establishing resale operation?
  39. What should you implement to monitor your activities ability to manage resources?
    Control measures
  40. Who can be held liable for damages when alcoholic beverages are served to a customer who appears to be reaching the point of intoxication?
  41. Who prescribes the Dram Shop statement that is to be signed by all AAFES employees?
    AAFES commander
  42. Who is responsible for setting proper safeguards or controls to protect the welfare of an intoxicated patron?
    Activity manager
  43. Who plans, coordinates, organizes, and maintains recreational activities throughout the deployment process?
    Services professionals
  44. For what Prime Readiness in Base Services program does Air Force Instruction (AFI) 10-214, Air Force Prime RIBS Program, identify appropriated funds to be used at forward deployed locations?
    Basic recreational programs
  45. Recreation volunteers can literally keep your recreational activities going. As a manager you should remember to
    Reward your volunteers through recognition programs in the Area of Responsibility
  46. Nonappropriated funds revenues at some deployed locations
    May face numerous restrictions
  47. After Action reports provide a
    Method to identify and correct problims and disseminate results to improve the activity
  48. Which recreation support do we establish during an environment of low hostilities?
    Recreation tent, library, resale, and movie operation
  49. A softball league is an example of what type of activity?
  50. What organization will you coordinate with to schedule distinguished visitor appearances and entertainment?
    Armed Forces Entertainment
  51. Regarding putting on a show, what do deployed Services planners have to be concerned with?
    Where entertainers will be set-up and stage their show
  52. How many days after the beddown has been opened is the learning resource center’s force module typically sourced?
    180 or more
  53. Who provides library kits a deployed locations?
    Command librarian or designated support command librarian
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