Intro to Law and Legal - terms for 11 12 & 14

  1. Defamation expressed by print, writing, signs, or pictures
  2. The failure to exercise reasonable care demanded by the particular circumstances existing at the time of the act
  3. An unpermitted, unprivileged, intentional contact with another's person
  4. Imputed negligence arising by reason of some relationship existing between two parties
    vicarious liability
  5. Any unauthorized act that deprives an owner of the possession of tangible personal property
  6. Exists when the plaintiff expressly or impliedly consents to relieve the defendant of liability
    assumption of risk
  7. Defamation expressed by spoken words in the presence of someone other than the party defamed
  8. An act-other than the utterance of words that puts another in apprehension of immediate and harmful contact
  9. A reasonable connection between the negligentact of the defendant and the damage suffered by the plaintiff
    proximate cause
  10. Imposes legal responsibilities for injuries caused by certain dangerous instrumentalities without proof of lack of due care
    strict liability
  11. Ownership rights in property
  12. An action to have personal property returned to property its original possessor
  13. The right of government to take private property for a public purpose
    eminent domain
  14. Exists when the use of land poses a generalized threat to the public
    public nuisance
  15. Maximum ownership rights to land permissible by law
    fee simple
  16. A tort that requires proof of injury distinct from that suffered by the general public
    private nuisance
  17. Movable physical objects, intangible rights arising out of ownership of such objects, and intangible property
    personal property
  18. The person to whom personal property is delivered without title being conveyed
  19. Immovable property
    real property
  20. The transfer of possession of personal property on a nonpermanent basis
  21. A right, given by the government, to make, use, and sell an invention
  22. The requirement of federal and state judicial systems that litigants participate in trial alternatives
    court-annexed ADR
  23. A nonbinding technique conducted by a neutral party to help settle a case prior to trial
  24. The presentation of issues before a panel, generally used to resolve business disputes
  25. Guarantees the right to a jury trial
    Seventh Amendment
  26. An abbreviated trial employing an advisoryjury, resulting in a nonbinding verdict
    summary jury trial
  27. A pretrial meeting with a judge to help resolvea dispute
    settlement conference
  28. A traditional jury trial
    de novo
  29. A trial conducted solely before a judge
    bench trial
  30. A decision rendered by an arbitrator that becomes a final judgment unless challenged
    arbitration award
  31. An alternative dispute resolution technique conducted outside the judicial arena,  involving the employment of judges and Jurors
    private trial
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Intro to Law and Legal - terms for 11 12 & 14
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