RMSR Chapter 18

  1. ablation
    the removal of a growth or harmful tissue
  2. abdomen
    space below the chest that contains organs such as stomach, liver, intestines, and gallbladder
  3. abscess
    a collection of pus that accumulates in a body part, usually due to a bacterial infection
  4. acoustic trauma
    a severe injury to the ear caused by extremely high intensity such as explosion
  5. acromegaly
    chronic hormonal disorder caused by over production of growth hormone by pituitary
  6. acute
    symptoms or disease that are short term; characterized by sharpness, severity, and intensity
  7. acute myocardial ischemia
    sudden decrease in blood flow to heart muscle
  8. addison disease
    hormonal disorder that is due to shortage of cortisol (hormone made in adrenal glands)
  9. adenectomy
    removal of a gland
  10. adenitis
    inflammation in the lymph nodes. usually caused by infection of the mouth, throat, and or ear
  11. adenocarcinoma
    cancer tumor from glandular cells
  12. adenoidectomy
    removal of adenoids
  13. adenoids
    enlarged lymphatic tissue in upper part of throat near nasal passageways
  14. adenoma
    benign tumor of glandular cells
  15. adenomyosis
    condition characterized by abnormal mentrual pain
  16. adenopathy
    disease of glands. refers to enlarged lymph nodes
  17. adenovirus
    commonly associated with respiratory illness
  18. adhesions
    bands of scar tissue that form between the loops of the intestines or between the intestines and the abdominal wall
  19. adrenal glands
    the two vital organs that produce and secrete hormones into the bloodstream. located on top of kidneys
  20. adrenal glands produce?
    adrenalin(epinephrine) and hydrocortisone (cortisol)
  21. adrenalectomy
    removal of adrenal glands
  22. adrenaline
    released in response to stress aka epinephrine
  23. adrenocorticotopie hormone
    secreted by pituitary. stimulates adrenal gland to secrete hormone cortisone
  24. ageusia
    loss of sense of taste
  25. agnosia
    inability to interpret sensations correctly
  26. agoraphobia
    fear of open spaces
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