legs and feet test

  1. The broad band of tissue that holds the tendons of the flexor muscles and tibial artery and nerve is the
    Flexor retinaculum
  2. The lateral melleolus is a landmark on which bone?
  3. what is the correct order of the following row of bones in the foot, medial to lateral?
    Medial, middle and lateral cuneiforms and cuboid 
  4. The flexors of the toes are located in the
    posterior compartment of the leg
  5. Just distal to the patella are 3 landmarks.  The correct order lateral to medial is
    Head of the fibula, tibial tuberocity, and pes anserinus
  6. The bone that forms the heel of the foot is the
  7. A bone inside a tendon, like the patella is called a
    sesamoid bone
  8. The primary action of the psoas and the iliacus is
    hip flexion
  9. which of these muscles attach to the pes anserinus
    • sartorius
    • semitendinosis
    • gracilis
  10. what is the thinnest bone in the bone relitive to its length?  what percentage of weight does it bare
    fibula, 10%
  11. what is the thickest area of cartilage on the body?
    the knee, 1/8th inch of cartilage
  12. What is the thick superficial band of fascia stretching from the heel to the ball of the feet
    Plantar Aponerosis
  13. How many bones are in the feet?  how do they break down?
    26 bones, 7 tarsals, 5 metatarsals, 14 phallanges
  14. which compartment has the extensor muscles of the toes?
    The anterior compartment
  15. what are the actions of tibialis posterior?
    invert, plantar flex
  16. action of the tibialis anteror
    Evert and dorsiflex
  17. what bone connects the tibia and fibula to form ankle
  18. What is the interinsic muscle of the dorsal surface of the foot
    Extensor Digitorum Brevis
  19. What is the origin of Gastrocnemius?
    posterior condyle of the femur
  20. Which muscle has 2 bellies and goes across 2 joints?
  21. Which muscle is the "key to unlock the knee"
  22. What is the superficial line to the patella
    pre-patellar bursa
  23. What are the 3 arches of the foot?
    medial, lateral, and transverse
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