Deciduous id.13

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    Alibizia julibrissin


    Flattish layered tree, summer cottonball fluff pinkish flower, fairly xeric, flat pods, really messy. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Caryopteris x cladonenesis

    Blue Mist Spirea

    Zone 5

    Foliage similar to spirea as well as flowers, blue flower comes out in summer, some heavily serrated some not, does well with heavy pruning, heavy smell attracts butterflies. Grows 4-5' high and wide.
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    Fothergilla gardenii

    Dwarf Fothergilla

    Zone 5

    Really red-red orange fall color, really shiny leaf, female part of flower only, specimin flower/fall color, needs acidity and humidity. Grows 2-3' high and wide.
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    Itea virginica

    Sweet Spire

    Zone 5

    Long narrow blossom that smells like honey, red-red orange fall color, massed in, more common in humid areas. Grows 6-10' high and wide.
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    Celtis occidentalis


    Zone 3

    Background tree, oblong heart shaped leaf, fruit small black (nasty- even birds won't eat them), narrow bark ridges,-really distinct. Grows 50-70' high and wide.
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    Gymnocladus dioicus

    Kentucky Coffeetree

    Zone 4

    Fast tree, grow better in humid areas, bipinnate leaf- massive 3' long, substituse for coffee, large flat pods. Grows 50-70' high and 30-40' wide.
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    Carya illinoinensis


    Zone 5

    Related to walnuts, edible landscape. Grows 60-70' high and 40-60' wide.
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    Humulus lupulus


    Zone 4

    Twining vine, fast growing, controlling, hardy, 3 lobes on leaf, stiff pubescence, hops-fruit papery leaf, fruit made up of bracts. Grows 20-30' long.
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    Weigela florida


    Blooms in summer, trumpet blossoms, pinks, reds, whites, flowering. Hairs run straight down the stem, massing, long arching arms. Grows 5-10' high and wide.
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    Jacaranda mimisifolia


    Zone 9

    Bipinnate foliage, beautiful sillhoettes, purple blossoms, - slightly trumpet shaped, pods like snake head when opened up, blooms april-september.
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    Hypericum spp.

    St. Johnswort

    Zone 5

    Weed varieties, flower, blooms in summer (all summer), yellow flower. Grows 2-3' high and wide.
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    Amelanchier canadensis

    Serviceberry/ Juneberry/ Saskatoon berry

    Zone 3

    fall color can be started as plant, goes into stress, orange-red fall color, rough serrations, lots of white flowers in spring, red-purple edible berries. Grows 10-20 high and wide.
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    Ampelopsis brevipendunculata

    Porcelain Berry

    Zone 5

    Really pretty blue(multicolored) fruit, deep synusus on leaf, makes really lacey/ snowflakey, twining vines. Grows 20-30' long.
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    Buddleia davidii

    Butterfly Bush

    Zone 5

    Attracts butterflies, sometimes called summer lilac, xeric, blooms all summer, squarish, stem greyish cast to pubescence, bloom on new wood.
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    Pistache chinensis


    Zone 6

    Really rounded, good street tree, reddish orangish fall color (most outstanding characteristic), shiny green leaves, flowers panicle (not shiny), little round berry in fall comes out in red and goes to purpley blue, stems change color when defoliated in winter. Specimin color changing basic pinnate leaf. Grows 20-35' high and wide.
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    Nyssa sylvatica

    Black Gum

    Zone 4

    Good street tree, native to S/SE, tugulo tree in the south, super red fall color, shiny green leaves, small purple fruit. Grows 30-50' high and 20-30' wide.
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    Styrax japonicus

    Japanese Snowbell

    Zone 5

    Only find where it is humid and acidic, tiny white blossoms, tons of flowers, dangle down under branches in spring, open flattish canopy, leaf narrow to wide to narrow, little egg shaped fruit. Grows 20-30 high and wide.
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    Deutzia gracilis

    Slender deutzia

    Zone 2

    Ruffley white flowers, vasal bush, great flower show, fragrant, blooms in spring, tiny serration, stripey at most cane like stems, stiff pubescence on stem. Grows 4-5' high and wide.
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