Systems Ch. 13 Miscellaneous

  1. How many emergency exits are on the Saab 340
  2. Which side is recommended for emergency exit through the cockpit escape hatch
    Left side due to the strap length
  3. Where is the crash axe located
    Behind the captains seat on the bulkhead
  4. How long is a PBE's air supply useful
    15 minutes
  5. How is the PBE activated
    By pulling the straps on each side of the hood forward, then rearward to secure
  6. Why must the PBE hood not be removed in the presence of fire
    Due to the oxygen concentrations in the hood
  7. What does a flashing red light on the Cabin Flashight indicate
    Batteries are servicable
  8. How many O2 masks in the cockpit
  9. How many smoke goggles in the cockpit
  10. 3
  11. How many life vests are in the cockpit
  12. What type of Fire Extinguisher is located in the cockpit
    1 Halon Bottle
  13. Where is the water extinguisher stored
    Forward entry storage area
  14. How is the water extinguisher activated
    Turn the handle fully clockwise to puncture the CO2 cartridge in the handle
  15. What type of fires would the water extinguisher be used on
    Paper, textiles, ect
  16. What type of fire would the water extinguisher not be used on
    Liquid fire, metal fire and anytime elevticity is involved
  17. Where is the Automatic Defibrillator located
    In the right hand overhead storage bin
  18. What is stored in the last right hand overhead storage bin
    • Grab-n-go kit (if available)
    • AED unit
    • Enhanced Medical kit 
  19. What is stored under seat 12D
    • First Aid Kit
    • PBE
    • Halon Extinguisher
  20. When must the Emergency Lights be armed
    Anytime the aircraft is moving under its own power
  21. Where are the Emergency Light batteries located
    Under the cabin floor
  22. How long do the Emergency Light Batteries last
    At least 10 minutes
  23. When do the Emergency lights automatically activate
    Anytime power is lost on the right main bus with the switch in ARMED
  24. How can the Emergency lights be turned off if activated automatically
    Switch to off as long as there is right essential power available
  25. What is the main O2 system normally charged to
    1850 psi 
  26. What protects the O2 system from overpressure
    A pressure relief valve vent
  27. What does an illuminated OXYGEN CWP light indicate
    O2 pressure is less than 800 +/-35 psi
  28. Does the main O2 knob have to be pulled to get PAX O2 to the outlets
    Yes, both the main and the PAX O2 valve lever must be open
  29. What is required for the O2 masks to be able to communicate with ATC
    Boom/Mask switch selected to Mask
  30. During preflight what setting is selected for O2 use on the mask
  31. What does selecting normal on the O2 mask do
    Uncovers the screen to dilute O2 commensurate with cabin altitude
  32. During periods of smoke what setting is used on the O2  mask
  33. What is the vent valve on the O2 mask used for
    Pulling the valve allows O2 to vent or defog the smoke goggles
  34. What does the Emergency selector do on the O2 mask
    Provides a continuous flow of O2 to keep fumes or smoke out of the mask
  35. How is a PA announcement made while wearing the O2 mask
    By pressing the PA button on the side console where the mask plugs in
  36. How is communication with the flight attendant accompished with O2 masks on
    A PA has to be made by pressing the PA pushbutton on the side console
  37. What is the minimum psi for the portable O2 bottle
    GREEN ARC (1750 psi)
  38. How long will the portable O2 bottle last
    60 minutes
  39. What is the first aid bottle psi
    GREEN ARC (minimum 1800 psi)
  40. How long will the first aid bottle last
    20-30 minutes
  41. Who is authorized to use the medical kit
    Only licenced physicicans
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