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    Platanus racemosa

    California sycamore

    Zone 8

     Raceme, multiple balls hanging off of raceme, seen a lot in SW, likes hotter not as strong as puzzle pattern as others, street tree. Grows 30-50' high and wide.
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    Platanus x acerfolia

    London plane tree

    Zone 5

     Puzzle pattern bark, multi colored, smaller width, a little more lobing, serration on leaf, marble fuzzy hard fruit - can be broken up easily. Grows 70-100' high and 60-80' wide.
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    Platanus occidentalis

    American sycamore "plane tree"

    Zone 4

    Pubeseence, stipules, fruit marble sized, hard cotton ball, maple like leaf, bark white upper 2/3 tree then gets flakey, puzzle-ie bark on base. Grows 70-100' high and wide.
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    Vitex agnus - castus

    Chaste tree

    Zone 6

    Shrubby xeric, 8" summer blooming flower, blooms in purple or white, mentholy smell. Grows 10-15' high and wide.
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    Chrysothamnus nauseosus

    Rabbit brush

    Zone 4

    Narrow fuzzy greyish leaf, blooms yellow in fall, xeric. Grows 5' high and wide.
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    Delonix regia

    Royal poinciana

    Zone 10

    Lacey bipinnate leaf, large flat pods, large pinwheel blossoms, red with a touch of orange flower, blooms in summer during the rainy season. Grows 30-40' high and wide.
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    Peltophorum dubium

    Yellow poinciana/ Copper pod

    Zone 9

    Feathery foliage, raceme, yellow blossom, blooms in summer. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Tabebuia spp.

    Trumpet trees

    Zone 10

    Subtropics crab apple, incredible flower show in spring, pinks and yellows most common color. Grows 30-50' high and wide.
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    Corylus avellana 'Contorta'

    Harry lauder's walkingstick

    Zone 4

    Twisted glossy shiny bark, comes in all fall colors. Grows 8-10' high and wide.
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    Corylus avellana

    European hazelnut

    Zone 4

    Not one used for nut, will produce fruit that is catkin, large background shrub, all fall colors. Grows 10-15' high and wide.
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    Liriodendron tulipifera

    Tulip tree

    Zone 4

    Leaf tulip shaped, has water lily green flower, needs more humidity, yellowish fall color, stipules. Grows 70-90' high and 40-50' wide.
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    Lagerstroemia indica

    Crape myrtle

    Zone 7

    One of top 5 used in nation, standerdised, panicle, flower clusters, blooms in summer until freezes, blooms in pinks whites and purples, lusterous thick simple leaves, fall color orange to vibrant red, round capsule pinky nail sized seed pod, peely bark, needs acidity, humidity is + but not required. Grows 20-25' high and 20' wide.
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    Kerria japonica

    Japanese kerria

    Zone 4

    Known for bright green color, accuminate tipped leaf, heavily varigated, yellow rose-ish blossom, blooms in spring, blooms on new wood, dies all the way down then comes back, heart shaped leaf, do better with some humidity, long narrow bean pods, pods are stiff and hold on for a long time. Grows 3-6' high and wide.
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    Paulownia tomentosa

    Empress tree

    Zone 6

    Incredible blue purple flowering tree, blooms in spring, large purple panicle, pods are capsules football shaped, can have 2 minor lobes. Grows 30-40' high and wide.
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    Catalpa speciosa

    Northern catalpa

    Zone 4

    Foot sized leaf, white blossom, panicles. Grows 40-60' high and 20-30' wide.
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    Oxydendrum arboreum

    Sorrel Tree

    Zone 5

    Whispy fruiting/flower structure, good fall color, little white pea shaped blossom, blooms in spring, requires acidity and humidity. Grows 20-30' high and 15-20' wide.
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    Calycanthus floridus

    Carolina Allspice

    Zone 6

    Crushed foliage has allspice smell, mahogany flower made up of bracts, needs humidity. Grows 6-10' high and wide.
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    Kolkwitzia amabilis


    Zone 4

    Pink blossoums in spring, 1" long blossom, peely bark, red new growth (twigs), opposite leaves, victorian bush. Grows 10-12' high and wide.
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    Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata'

    Pyramidal Hornbeam

    Columnar growing, birchlike leaf, strong venations, sumara fruiting structure. Grows 40-50' high and 20-30' wide.
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