Deciduous id. 11

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    Campasis radicans

    Trumpet Creeper

    Zone 5

    Aggressive twining vine, pinnate leaf, dentate serration, comes to tip, 3-6" long yellow orange flower blooms summer-fall, loves heat. Grows 20-30' long.
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    Cercidiphyllum japonicum

    Katsura tree

    Zone 4

    needs humidity, known for aspen-like leaf, pinnate leaf, popular in NW, corky spongy greyish bark, bright yellow fall color. Grows 40-50' high and 20-30' long.
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    Wisteria floribunda

    Japanese Wisteria

    Zone 4

    Lots of flowers, twining vine, massive woody stem, raceme, flowers in pinks, purples, and whites; peashaped blossom, blooms in spring. Gows 30-40' long.
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    Philadelphus spp.


    Zone 4

    quarter sixed white blossom, orange scented, odd dentate style serrated leaf, blooms in summer. Grows 10-12' high and wide.
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    Berberis thunbergii

    Japanese Barberry

    Zone 4

    Green, thorns, spoon shaped leaves, tiny bell yellow flower in spring, red fall egg shaped fruit, thorns.Grows 3-6' high and wide.
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    Berberis thunbergii var. atropurpurea

    Redleaf Barberry

    Zone 4

    Known for red growth, massing, specimin color, barrier plant, tiny bell yellow flower in spring, red fall egg shaped fruit, thorns. Grows 3-6' high and wide.
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    Berberis thunbergii 'Crimson Pygmy'

    Crimson Pygmy Barberry

    Zone 4

    Same as red leaf just smaller. Grows 2-3' high and wide.
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    Berberis thunbergii 'Rose Glow'

    Rose Glow Barberry

    Zone 4

    Varigated pink new growth. tiny bell yellow flower in spring, red fall egg shaped fruit, thorns. Grows 5-6' high and wide.
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    Berberis thunbergii 'Aurea'

    Golden Barberry

    Zone 5

    Yellow form, tiny bell yellow flower in spring, red fall egg shaped fruit, thorns. Grows 2-3' high and wide.
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    Berberis x mentorensis

    Mentor Barberry

    Zone 4

    Blunt heavier thicker thorn, starts yellow and goes to red fall color, tiny bell yellow flower in spring, red fall egg shaped fruit. Grows 6-8' high and wide.
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    Cercidium floridum

    Palo Verde

    Zone 8

    Best show in dormant period (twigs), green sticks, dormant summer-winter, small leaves, yellow spring blooming blossoms, specimin- green twig, street tree, xeric qualities.
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    Chilopsis linearis

    Desert Willow

    Zone 5

    Xeric, long pods, willow-like leaf, pinkish purpley flower, blooms spring-fall, specimin flower, xeric qualities. Grows 10-20' high and wide.
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    Fallugia paradoxa

    Apache Plume

    Zone 5

    small shrub, purplish pink, fluffy fruiting structure small pinnate leaf, flowers and fruits at the same time summer-fall (if warm enough semi-evergreen), massing, specimin flower and fruit, informal hedging. Grows 4-5' high and wide.
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    Fouquieria splendens


    Zone 8

     Xiric, only has leaves in spring, erect, verticle growing, thorns, red flower, specimin for habit. Formal framing, dormant/dead looking for a number of years. Grows 10-15' high and 5-10' wide.
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    Koelreuteria paniculata

    Golden rain tree

    Zone 5

     Triangular raceeme, yellow blossom, blooms summer, rounded habit, street tree, strong pinnate leaf with lobing leaflets, forms pods, late summer through fall, specimin for flower and pod. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Koelreuteria bipinnata

    Chinese flame tree

    Zone 6

     Bipinnate leaf, white blossoms, triangular raceeme, rounded leaflets, large leaves, pink/purpleish pods form. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Magnolia x soulangiana

    Saucer magnolia

    Zone 4

     Soucer sized flower, blooms in spring, pinkish to pinish white when blooms, lots of fuzz, giant buds, swollen fruit structure. Grows 25-30' high and wide.
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    Magnolia stellata

    Star magnolia

    Zone 4

     Pedals more straplike, 50 cent size blossom, pinkish to pinkish white blossom, very fragrant, fuzzy pink bud, grows 15-20' high and wide.
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    Morus alba

    Common mulberry

    Zone 5

     White trunked tree, xeric, large foliage similar to ficus, not as sandpapery, edible mulberries, black-berryish stains, takes a lot of heat, 2 leaf shapes. 30-50' high and wide.
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    Morus alba 'Chaparral'

    Same as common mulberry only in bush form. Grows 10-15' high and 5-10' wide.
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