Deciduous id. 9

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    Quercus robur 'Fastigiata'

    Columnar English Oak

    Zone 4

    Grows upright, formal framing look. Grows 50' high and 15' wide.
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    Qurcus rubra

    Red Oak

    Zone 3

    hand sized leaves, kind of rectangular oak, fall red color, needs more humidity and acidity. Grows 60-70' high and wide.
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    Quercus alba

    White Oak

    Zone 4

    rounded individual leaves, kinda blueish, lobes curve towards top of the leaf, red fall color. Grows 50' high and wide.
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    Quercus coccinea

    Scarlet Oak

    Zone 4

    Like pin oak but larger lobes and sun uses are smaller, red fall color, larger leaves, finger-like lobes.
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    Quercus acutissima

    Sawtooth Oak

    Zone 5

    Simple leaf, no loves, points on leaf margin, street trees. Grows 40' high and wide.
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    Quercus phellos

    Willow Oak

    Zone 5

    Simple willow leaf, narrow leaf, orangish fall color. Grows 40-60' high and 30-40 wide.
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    Physocarpus opulifolius

    Common Ninebark

    zone 2

    3 distinct large lobes golden-golden orange fall color, massing, 3 capsuls on fruit, peely papery bark, green, umbrella clustering of white flowers. Grows 5-10' high and wide.
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    Physocarpus opulifolius 'Darts Gold'

    Dart's Gold Ninebark

    Zone 2

    3 distinct large lobes golden-golden orange fall color, massing, 3 capsuls on fruit, peely papery bark, yellowish coloring on new growth, umbrella clustering of flowers. Grows 5-10' high and wide.
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    Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diablo'

    Diablo Ninebark

    zone 2

    3 distinct large lobes golden-golden orange fall color, massing, 3 capsuls on fruit, peely papery bark, purplish color.
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    Ligustrum vulgare

    European privet

    zone 4

    Crisp leaves, simple smooth willow-like leaves, wt. flowers (not often seen from pruning), topiary, # 1deciduous hedge plant.
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    Ligustrum vulgare 'Lodense'

    Lodense Privet

    Zone 4

    Smaller willow-like leaf, topiary, smaller than european privet. Grows 3-4' high and wide.
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    Ligustrum x vicaryi

    Golden Privet

    Zone 5

    Golden new growth, not hedged, informal rounded form. Grows 4-6' high and wide.
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    Ulmus americana

    American Elm

    Double serrated leaf, great street tree, Largeish leaves (5-6" long and 3-4" wide), silvery and black trunk, hybridized to protect, sumara circle with disk, narrow crotch angles. Grows 60-80' high and 30-40' wide.
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    Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii'

    Camperdown Elm

    Zone 4

    Weeping umbrella form, usually grafted on a standard. Grows 15-20' high and wide (on a standard)
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    Ulmus parviflora

    Lacebark Elm

    Zone 5

    Puzzle patterned bicolored bark, small delicate elm leaves, open semi-weeping habit. Grows 20-30' high and wide.
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    Zelkova serrata

    Japanese Zelkova

    Zone (4) 5

    Known for serrated margin, umbrella shape-specimin for habit, orange-red fall color, coppery trunk color. Grows 30-40' high and 20-30' wide.
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    Sophora japonica

    Japanese Pagoda Tree

    Zone 5

    Large white blossomes, pea-shaped blossoms, blooms in spring, swollen bean pod/bead looking fruit, pinnate leaf coming down to a point, bluish green cast to the leaves, green twigs. Grows 50-60' high and 40-50' wide.
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    Sorbaria sorbifolia

    False Spirea

    Zone 2

    Pinnate odd leaf, super venated leaf, massing/screening, white cottony flower, feathery habit, yellow orange fall color. Grows 5-10' high and wide.
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    Cercis canadensis

    Eastern Redbud

    Zone 4

    Multi-trunked tree, leaf is a heart shaped leaf, pea shaped flowers come out of the trunk blooms early spring, don't favor dryness. Grows 20' high and wide.
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