Systems Ch. 9 Fuel

  1. What is the Maximum combined fuel on the Saab 340
    5690 lbs (850 gals)
  2. What is the Maximum fuel per wing
    2845 lbs (425 gals)
  3. Does the Saab 340 have negative G fuel capabilities
    Yes, through the negative g canister in the hopper tank
  4. What does an illuminated LOW LEVEL indicate
    Less than 300 (+/-70 lbs) in the respective tank
  5. Does the Fuel quantity indicator show usable or total fuel
  6. How many ways are there to check fuel quantity and what are they
    3: Fuel quantity indicators, Magnetic sticks, Fuel panel gauges
  7. At what quantity do the magnetic fuel quantity indicators become useful
    When fuel levels are below 1,100 lbs
  8. Where are the Standby pressure pumps located
    In the hopper tank
  9. What does an illumated MAIN PUMP light indicate
    A failure of the main pump
  10. When is the STBY PUMP activated
    MAIN PUMP failure
  11. What does an illuminated green STBY PRESS light indicate
    Standby pressure is detected at a main pump inlet
  12. Can the right pump supply fuel to the left engine
    Yes, through the cross feed valve
  13. What powers the Standby pressure pumps
    Respective Battery Bus
  14. What powers the Main Pumps
    Engine accessory gear box
  15. What supplies fuel to the engine during engine start
    The Standby pressure pump
  16. When does the automatic activation of the STBY PRESS pump not occur with a decrease in Main pump pressure
    With the condition lever in fuel off
  17. How many fuel pumps are on the Saab
    6: 2 main pumps, 2 standby pumps, and 2 high pressure pumps in the HMU
  18. What lights on the overhead panel do not trigger a CWP FUEL light
    • X FEED ON
    • CONN VLV
  19. How is the Fuel Shut Off valve closed
    Pulling of the Fire Handle
  20. What is indicated by an illuminated VALVE CLOSED light
    Fuel shut off valve is closed
  21. What is indicated by an illuminated XFEED ON light
    The cross feed valve is open
  22. What is indicated by an illuninated CONN VALVE light
    The fuel connect valve is open
  23. What is the purpose of the fuel connect calce
    To balance fuel by gravity transfer
  24. What is indicated by an illuminated FUEL FILTER light
    An impending bypass of the Fuel Filter (over 18 PSI)
  25. What is the maximum pressure for single point refueling
    50 PSI
  26. What does an illuminated FUELING light indicate
    • The fuel panel switch is selected ON
    • The defueling valve is open 
  27. Where does the fueling panel get power from
    Right Hot Battery Bus
  28. If an automatic level control circuit fails and causes an overfill, what happens 
    An overfill sensor in each outboard tank closes the related valve and illuminates the OVER FULL light to come on
  29. To achieve maximum capacity what fueling procedure is used
    Over wing fueling
  30. How is defueling accomplished
    • Pressure defueling uses Standby pumps to pump fuel from the aircraft
    • Suction defueling requires the fuel truck to draw fuel from the aircraft 
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