Systems Ch. 7 Flight Instruments and Navigation

  1. Are both L/R flight instruments conventional Pitot/ Static instruments
    No, the FO's are and the Captains are electric and powered by the ADC
  2. Where does the Rudder Limiter get its airspeed signals from
    Both the ADC and Standby Pitot/ Static system
  3. What does the right Pitot tube supply
    Right side instruments
  4. Is the ADC used for both sides of instrumentations
    No, the Captain's only
  5. What prevents the FO's Altimeter from sticking due to rapid press and temp changes
    An internal vibrator
  6. What is being tested on the left Airspeed Indicator with the test button
    That the warning flag appears and both pointers move to 170kts and then to zero
  7. What does a red warning flag on the Airspeed indicator mean
    • Test button has been pushed
    • ADC Failure
    • Indicator has failed 
  8. What does a red warning flag on the left Altimeter mean
    • Test button has been pushed
    • ADC Failure
    • Indicator has failed 
  9. What does TAS in the upper left hand corner of the EHSI indicate
    True Airspeed in knots
  10. The Altitude Alterter light will illuminate within ____ feet of target altitude
  11. The Altitude Alerter light will extinguish when within _____ of target altitude
  12. What do red dashes in the upper left hand corner of the EHSI indicate
    Loss of ADC speed information
  13. What is the purpose of the HDG SLAVE button
    To rapidly slave the related compss cards to the current heading detected by the related flux detector
  14. How long does it take to initialize the AHRS system
    70 seconds 
  15. Should the Aircraft be moved while the AHRS computer is in initialization mode
  16. With a failure of the #2 AHRS system what instrumentation is lost
    Left side RMI heading information
  17. What is the X SIDE DATA switch used for
    To supply opposite side AHRS to the EFIS screens
  18. Where does the left RMI get its heading information
    #2 AHRS
  19. What will the indication be if the right DPU fails
    Both EADI and EHSI will be blank
  20. With the DRIVE XFR selected, what does the MFD display
    The EHSI from the side where DRIVE XFR is selected
  21. What is the DRIVE XFR switch used for
    To use opposite side DPU or MPU (if equipped) to display information
  22. During an ILS missed approach, if GA is not used an AVIONICS light will illuminate. Why?
    Loss of GS and LOC will cause an alarm
  23. What does a DCP light indicate
    Display control panel failure
  24. What functions are lost with a DCP failure
    Associated side loses DH function and the ability to change Nav course
  25. How many degrees of heading are displayed in Sector Mode
    80 degrees (40 to each side of actual heading)
  26. What does the DEV pushbutton do
    Enters Map Mode while operating in sector mode
  27. What does the 2nd CRS pushbutton do
    Displays the opposite side course on the EHSI
  28. What does ET mean on the EHSI screen
    Elapsed Time
  29. What happens when the ET pushbutton is pressed
    if the timer is at 0:00 it starts the time, if its running it resets the time to 0:00
  30. What does the DTA pushbutton do
    Eliminates the extra data from the EHSI screen
  31. What is the TFC pushbutton on the MFD used for
    To display Traffic or TCAS info
  32. What is the NAV/RDR pushbutton used for 
    Toggles MFD between Nav, Radar, and Nav/Radar screens
  33. What are the Arrows on the bottom row of the MFD used for
    Control the range of the TCAS or Map while in Radar mode
  34. What does the Joystick on the MFD do
    While in Nav mode, deflection displays waypoint with course and distance
  35. What is the maximum Radio Altitude indication
  36. What does WX mode allow for on the WX radar
    It enables the automatic cyclic countour mode. The first sweep is contoured, and the second sweep is noncontoured
  37. What power supply is required to have the EFIS system working
    28 VDC
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