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  1. French, raw, AOC, green label summer?
  2. French, raw or past., AOC, 1 month?
    Bleu D'Auvergne
  3. French, Cow, AOC, 3-6 mos, Montbeliarde & Aubrac
    Bleu Des Causses
  4. French, raw, cow, AOC, lactic coagulation
    Brie De Melun
  5. Corsica, Sheep, uncook, unpressed, covered in herbs
    Brin d'Amour
  6. Spain, Mixture , DOP, mostly spring & summer,
  7. Spain, Cow, sometimes goat, past., wrapped sycamore leaves
  8. French, Cow, raw or past., AOC (not past version), Normandy
  9. Ireland, Cow, past., Grubb Family, farmstead,6months-1year,
    Cashel Blue
  10. Vermont, Ayshire cows, Raw, fresh uncooled evening milk
    Constant Bliss
  11. Vermont, Ayshire cows, raw, morning milk
    Bayley Hazen
  12. Loire Valley-France, Goat, AOC, AOC allows frozen curd, regulations not specific province, tanslates "horse dung"
    Crottin De Chavignol
  13. Burgundy,France, Cow, AOC, uncooked, unpressed, washed, 5-6 weeks
    Epoisses De Bourgogne
  14. Italy, Cow, Raw, DOP, 400 producers, 7 months, green stamp
    Fontina D'Aosta
  15. France, Cow, 4 weeks, means fern,
  16. France, Cow, Raw or past., AOC, pressed, 28 days, graze 2000-5000 feet
    Fourme D'Ambert
  17. Italy, Cow, DOC, 3 months, piccante or sweet
  18. Switzerland, Cow, Raw, Fribourgeois breed
  19. California, Goat (past), vegetarian rennet, 3-15 weeks, came to her in a dream
    Humboldt Fog
  20. France, Cow, Raw,AOC, 95% French Simmemtal Cow
  21. England, Cow, Raw, 2-3 day old curds, pressed, 4-8 months
  22. France, Cow, washed with Marc de Champagne
  23. Menorca, Cow, DOP, tierno,curado,anejo
  24. Spain, Sheep, DOP, "waterless"- many ages
  25. France, Cow, Past.,mites - many versions
  26. California, Cow, Past., tied muslin sacks, rind ( oil,pepper,cocoa), minimum of 7 months
    Monterey Dry Jack
  27. France, Cow, Raw, AOC, used to be made from leftover comte curds, 2-4 months
  28. France, Cow, Raw & Past., AOC, 2-3 months, derived from "Monastary", Gerome'
  29. France, Sheep, large family of cheeses, AOC, two cheeses under same AOC protection
    Ossau-Iraty Brebis
  30. Italy, Cow, Raw, DOC, Skimmed, aged at least 1 year
  31. Italy, Sheep, Raw & Past., DOC & DOP, rind sometimes rubbed w/ tomato paste, 1month-1 year
    Pecorino Toscano
  32. Wisconsin, Cow, Raw, versions: new-aged-extra aged, made when cows graze fresh pastures
    Pleasant Ridge Reserve
  33. France, Cow, AOC, 2-6 weeks, square
    Pont L'Eveque
  34. France, Cow, AOC, local word for second milking, uncooked, 4-5 weeks
  35. California, Cow, past., Organic, accident
    Red Hawk
  36. King Island, Cow, dipped in midnight blue wax
    Roaring Forties Blue
  37. Italy, Mixed (usually cow & goat), natural rind or leaf wrapped, Piedmont or Lombardian
  38. Oregon, Cow, Raw, 8-12 months, wrapped in macerated grape leaves
    Rogue River Blue
  39. France, Sheep, Raw, AOC, Lacaune sheep, caves of Combalou, no heat treament allowed
  40. France, Cow (sometimes goat or combo), past., set in shallow crock
    Saint Felicien, Saint Marcellin
  41. France, Cow,Raw & Past., Salers Breed, AOC, 3-5 weeks, green casein label (oval or square)
  42. France, Goat, AOC, slow coagulation, after demolding-ashed & salted, 8 days
  43. Spain, Sheep, Raw & Past., DOP, Merino Sheep, Thistle Rennet, min. 60 days
    Queso De La Serena
  44. England, Cow, Past., 3 months, Blue, Annatto
    Shropshire Blue
  45. England, Cow, natural rind, PDO, Old Ley Farms, Skimmed milk used w/previous days milk
    Single Gloucester
  46. France, Cow, Raw & Past., Bloomy or Washed- called the same
  47. England, Cow, Past., EU-PDO, 9-14 weeks, only cheese in England protected by legislation
  48. Italy, Cow, Raw & Past., DOP & DOC, Square, Washed
  49. Vermont, Cow, Raw, Alpine, hand made, natural rind
  50. France, Cow, Raw, over 100 cheeses fall under name, sometimes made with skimmed milk, small wheel, 2 months 
    Tomme De Savoie
  51. Spain, Sheep, Raw, Churra Ewes, DOP, 60 days, 6 litres to make one cheese, churra produces 1/2 litre per day
    Torta Del Casar
  52. France, Cow, Raw & Past., extar cream added, named after a great gastronome by Androuet
    Brillat- Savarin
  53. France, Cow, Raw & Past., rocket on label, small drums, Petit Morin
  54. France, Cow,Raw & Past., 75% fat, simialr to Brillat
    Pierre Robert
  55. Switzerland, Cow, Fribourgeois Breed (Holsteins), 3-4 months, still made old fashion methods, key ingredient  in fondue
    Vacherin Fribourgeois
  56. France, Cow, Raw, Past.- "faux" version, AOC,Jura Mtns., gooey, wrapped w/ spruce
    Vacherin Du Haut-Doubs - Vacherin Mont d'Or
  57. France, goat, truncated pyramids (some say top chopped by Napoleon himself), dusted w/ charcoal ash-attracks various molds
  58. England, Cow, Past., Clothbound, bad versions with fruit are made
  59. Indiana, Goat, Past., farmstead, 3 ounce balls, 10-3 weeks, use to use p. candidum- now uses g. candidum
    Wabash Cannonball
  60. Portugal, Sheep, Raw, Churra & Castilian breed (high milkfat), DOP, min. 100 days
  61. France, Cow, Raw & Past., AOC, inedible crust, similar to Salers
  62. France, Goat, Raw, AOC, whole milk,  aged 10 days, hand ladled
    Chabichou du Poitou
  63. France, Cow, Raw & Past., AOC, Coag. must be principally lactic, 2 weeks to 2 months, double cream
  64. England (mostly), Cow, Raw, clothbound, 10-18 months
    Cheddar - Keen's,  Montgomery's, Lincolnshire Poacher, Jasper Hill, Grafton 
  65. Ireland, Cow, aged gouda, 4-8 weeks up to 2 years
  66. Holland, Cow, Raw & Past., EU protected (specific cheese, not general name)
  67. French, Cow, Raw-Past. AOC, animal rennet-bloomy
    Brie de Meaux
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